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  • sugcarcane smoothie straw 8mm
  • Sugarcane Smoothie Straw Size 8mm
  • Sugarcane Smoothie Straw Size 8mm

Sugarcane Smoothie Straw Size 8mm

Sugarcane Smoothie Straw Size 8mm

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sugcarcane smoothie straw 8mm

Sugarcane Smoothie Straw Size 8mm

NO Logo | Case of 2000

Say hello to KimEcopak's sugarcane smoothie straw size 8mm, a sustainable solution that can withstand even the thickest smoothies!

Available in 3000 pcs. 

What are Sugarcane Smoothie Straw size 8mm good for?

  • Excellent with thick drinks such as smoothies, slushies, or milkshakes.
  • Reusable, compostable, and biodegradable; environmentally friendly..
  • Alternatives to plastic straws.

Sugarcane Smoothie Straw size 8mm Details

Disposable straws are made from sugarcane fiber size 8mm 

Sugarcane Smoothie Straw 8mm is made of 100% sugarcane without any plastic, coating.

Compostable Sugarcane Straws size 8mm Application

  • Ideal for take-out or grab-and-go restaurants.
  • Suitable with a wide range of liquids such as juices, and coffee,... and excellent for thick beverages such as smoothies, shakes, and slushies.

Sugarcane Smoothie Straw size 8mm Advantages

  • Eco-friendly: Our sugarcane smoothie straw size 8mm is compostable in the natural environment and can be used as a soil fertilizer…
  • No soggy: The sugarcane smoothie straw size 8mm is sturdy and doesn't get soggy even in hot water. This is an enhanced feature over paper straws, offering a better customer experience. 
  • Multiple uses: It can be used with a wide range of beverages, from juices and coffee to the thickest beverages such as smoothies and milkshakes.
  • Natural aesthetic: KimEcopak's Sugarcane Smoothie Straw size 8m has a light brown tone, creating an aesthetically pleasing style for the restaurant and an enjoyable natural feeling for customers. 
  • Compostable: Our Sugarcane Smoothie Straw size 8mm is designed to decompose naturally in home composting systems, leading to less waste and healthier soils.
  • 100% comply with Canada banning plastic straw: Being 100% plastic-free and PLA-free, our sugarcane straw aligns perfectly with the efforts to phase out plastic straws, supporting your commitment to a more sustainable planet.
  • Exceptional Durability: Sugarcane Smoothie Straw size 8mm boasts remarkable durability, allowing it to withstand extended use without compromising its structural integrity. Say goodbye to brittle, easily breakable straws and embrace a straw that truly endures.

Straws made from sugarcane fiber Specification

Product dimension:

Item Name

Sugarcane Boba Straw size 8mm

Base Material

100% Sugarcane 

Dimension (LxD)

Length: 22cm

Diameter: 8mm


Light brown (natural sugarcane color)

Quantity Per Box


Product Applications

Smoothies, shakes, juices, coffee,...

Market Applications

Boba Tea Shop, Japanese Food, Asian Food, Western Food, Fast Food, Grocery


Thick beverages, hot/cold drinks, soft drinks


Home Compostable

Breakdown time

Upto 8 months under a natural condition

MOQ for Custom Logo

50,000 Pcs

How to Order Sugarcane Smoothie Straw size 8mm

Click HERE to order Sugarcane Smoothie Straw size 8mm.

Click HERE to order Sugarcane BOBA Straw size 12mm.

Delivery time

This product is a PRE-ORDER & will be available between 6-8 weeks. 

For more information on the pre-order process, please click HERE.

The government of Canada banned single-use plastics

KimEcopak’s sugarcane smoothie straw size 8mm is not only PLA-free but also entirely plastic-free &  NOT included in the list of banned items by the Canadian government's regulations that take effect from December 20, 2023.

Enhance Your Branding with a Custom Logo Option

These sugarcane smoothie straw size 8mm can be customized with your logo HERE with an MOQ of 50,000 Pcs, elevating your brand’s visibility and leaving a lasting impression on customers.

Order now and embark on a sustainable journey with our sugarcane smoothie straw size 8mm HERE


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