Ontario Small Business, do you know about "Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan"?

Ontario Small Business, do you know about "Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan"?

The "Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan" is a comprehensive plan created by the Ontario government to protect the environment and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the province. The plan was launched in November 2018 and includes a range of initiatives aimed at reducing waste, improving air and water quality, and mitigating climate change.

Actions done during period 2018 - 2021:

Ontario is dedicated to reducing waste and litter and keeping the land and soil clean. The following progress has been made towards the producer responsibility model:

  • The Blue Box program has been revamped to make producers responsible for managing their products' life cycle and packaging.
  • A new regulation has been finalized to hold producers accountable and financially responsible for their hazardous and special products' end-of-life. This change will ensure that hazardous products like pesticides, oil filters, and solvents are properly collected and managed by the producers.
  • There has been consultation on an administrative penalties regulation to ensure compliance with all producer responsibility regulations.
  • Consultations have taken place on amendments to existing producer responsibility regulations for tires, batteries, and electrical and electronic equipment, aiming to reduce burden and increase transparency.
  • Changes have been made to a regulation under the Nutrient Management Act, 2002, in collaboration with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. The changes create a new revenue stream for the agriculture sector by allowing for on-farm anaerobic digestion projects to produce renewable natural gas from farm waste.
  • There has been consultation on hazardous waste regulations that would transition hazardous waste digital reporting services to the Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority.
  • Stakeholders have been engaged to encourage innovation in compostable product processing and management.
  • Ontario has collaborated with other provinces, territories, and the federal government on the development of an action plan for a Canada-wide plastics strategy, including single-use plastic waste.



Actions Plan as of 2022 and future plan in 2023:

As of 2022, the Ontario government has continued to implement the "Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan" and has made further progress in achieving its environmental goals. Some of the key achievements over the past few years include:

  1. Launching the Green Ontario Fund, which provides rebates and incentives for households and businesses to adopt energy-efficient technologies and reduce their carbon footprint.

  2. Revising the province's recycling regulations to shift the responsibility for waste management onto producers of products and packaging.

  3. Introducing a new plan to reduce plastic waste and increase recycling rates across the province.

  4. Supporting the transition to a low-carbon economy by investing in renewable energy projects and phasing out coal-fired electricity.

  5. Developing a new strategy to protect and restore the Great Lakes, which includes initiatives to reduce pollution, combat invasive species, and improve water quality.

  6. Continuing to work with businesses and industries to reduce emissions and transition to cleaner technologies.

Overall, the "Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan" is a comprehensive strategy to protect the environment and promote sustainability in Ontario. The plan includes a range of initiatives aimed at reducing waste, improving air and water quality, and mitigating climate change, and the Ontario government has made significant progress in implementing these initiatives over the past few years.


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