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What is a custom logo? Is it necessary to have a custom logo? And how to get a custom logo on the website All of these will be answered in the following.

I - What is a custom logo and why should your brand customize a logo?

1. What is a custom logo?

A custom logo is a one-of-a-kind graphic mark or emblem that represents a company, brand, or organization. It is intended to be distinct and memorable, expressing the essence and values of the entity it represents.

2. Importance of having a custom logo

Owning a unique logo brings many benefits to a brand.

  • For the brand: The logo creates a distinctive image for the brand. Through the logo, the brand expresses its own identity and message. For example, a financial company often has a dollar sign symbol, while a milk tea brand may have an image of tea leaves or a milk tea cup.
  • For customers: The logo is also the first interaction between the brand and customers. A beautiful and memorable logo leaves a better impression on customers. Thus, having a custom logo holds special significance for both the brand and customers.

    Therefore, using a custom logo holds special significance for both the brand and customers.

    II - Benefits of a custom logo for your brand

    When discussing the benefits of a custom logo for a brand, there are certain key perks that a brand should not overlook:

    1. Build brand recognition

    • Memorable Identity: A personalized logo offers a distinct and memorable visual identity that clients can quickly recognize and remember.
    • Consistency: It enables consistent branding across several marketing materials, increasing brand recognition over time.
    • Emotional Connection: A well-designed logo can elicit good feelings and associations, building a closer relationship with customers.

    2. Differentiation

    • Stand Out from the Crowd: A bespoke logo distinguishes the brand from competitors in a congested marketplace, making it instantly identifiable.
    • Distinctive Representation: It reflects the brand's beliefs, personality, and offers, sending a clear message to the intended audience.
    • Targeted Appeal: Tailored design features appeal to the specific demographics or market segments that the brand wants to reach, hence increasing its appeal.

    3. Professionalism and credibility

    • Building Trust: A professional bespoke logo instills trust and confidence in customers by displaying the brand's dedication to quality and professionalism.
    • Perceived Value: A well-designed logo raises the brand's perceived value, portraying it as a trustworthy and respected option in the market.
    • Brand Cohesion: A consistent logo across all brand touchpoints improves the brand's professionalism and credibility in customers' eyes.

    III - Custom food packaging solutions

    Using a personalized logo is one of the methods used by any food business brand. The solutions of printing the logo on packaging and employing custom-printed packaging are the most widely utilized among these tactics. There are numerous distinctions between these two solutions.

    1. Print logo on packaging

    • This is the process of imprinting the brand's emblem on conventional, pre-made packaging materials. These could include mass-produced and widely available generic boxes, bags, or containers.
    • This strategy may suit small firms or those on a tight budget, but it has limitations in terms of customization and brand identity.
    • Because it is printed on generic packaging used by other firms, the logo may not stand out as well.

    2. Custom printed packaging

    • This entails designing and manufacturing packaging materials specifically for the brand, with the logo incorporated as an intrinsic component of the packaging design.
    • The logo is integrated into the packaging design, ensuring that it is consistent with the brand's identity.
    • Custom packaging enables for comprehensive brand integration, providing clients with a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable brand experience. While it may have higher expenses and a longer lead time, the benefits are enormous.

    IV - The most commonly customized food packaging in Canada

    1. Custom food boxes

    Custom food boxes are frequently used in the food business to package a wide range of products, including bakery items, fast food, takeout meals, and more. These boxes are personalized to the brand's exact demands, including the logo, brand colors, and other design aspects that reflect the brand identity.

    2. Custom labels and stickers

    Food packaging has custom labels and stickers that convey essential information such as product characteristics, nutritional values, and expiration dates. They also function as a branding tool, showcasing the brand logo and improving the overall aesthetics of the packaging.

    3. Flexible packaging

    Flexible packaging is becoming increasingly popular in the food business due to its convenience and versatility. It includes pouches, bags, and wraps that are custom-designed to fit the shape and size of the goods. Flexible packaging, which may be printed with the brand logo and beautiful designs, is an excellent approach to presenting the brand on store shelves.


    How long does it take to receive the order?

    At KimEcopak, our regular lead time for custom printing products is 6 - 10 weeks from the final approved design. Depend on how long business owners take to approve final Design, it may take extra 3-5 business days, which make the total timeline from the payment time till delivery, will be approximately 6.5 - 11 weeks.

    Custom Order Cost

    The cost of custom orders varies depending on the product, design, and quantity you request. A Tip is, the bigger MOQ, the cheaper on Unit Price. Hence, if you can have an estimated quarterly & yearly volume, we would recommend to go head with big MOQ which will help you save more money!

    Currently, KimEcopak offers custom order services for the following products: 

    • Bamboo Cutlery
    • Wooden Cutlery (Mini & Standard Wooden Spoons)
    • Paper Sushi boxes
    • Burger Boxes
    • Take-out containers
    • Coffee cups
    • Paper cups
    • Paper Containers
    • Sushi Box
    • Reusable Non Woven Shopping Bag
    • Pizza Box
    • Coffee Pouch 
    • All kind of other food & drinks packaging, as special requested by customers!

    VI - How to place a logo order on the KimEcopak website?

    The process of placing a custom logo order on KimEcopak consists of 5 simple steps:

    Step 1 | PLACE ORDER & SUBMIT LOGO (Order online OR request a quote)
    Step 2 | MOCK UP DESIGN: 3-5 business days.
    Step 4 | PRODUCTION: 2-4 weeks from final design approval.
    Step 5 | DELIVERY: 6-8 weeks from design approval.

    To view the full pre-order process, please click HERE 

    In conclusion, a personalized logo is critical for developing a distinct and distinctive brand identity, establishing trust, and standing out in a crowded market. Investing in a well-designed bespoke logo is a strategic move that can boost a brand's appearance, leaving a lasting impact on its target audience and driving business success.