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Grocery bags are an indispensable product in the shopping process, used daily in large quantities. So, what kind of grocery bags can businesses buy, and how to buy them at an affordable price while still ensuring compliance with the plastic ban policy? Here is all the useful information that your business will need.

What are the common business uses of Grocery Bags?

Grocery bags are widely used in many different business areas. Here are the most popular grocery bag application industries:

  • Retail: Grocery bags can be used to hold goods, from clothes, shoes, and accessories to electronics and canned food.
  • Delivery services: Delivery services such as can use grocery bags to transport a variety of goods and food.
  • Advertising: Grocery bags with custom logos are used as a tool to promote brands or products, and to create an impression at corporate events.

Grocery Bags Materials

Grocery bags can be made from a variety of materials. Non-woven and kraft paper are two popular alternatives to plastic bags. Here are the characteristics of non-woven and kraft paper bags.


  • Non-woven bags are often made from recycled polypropylene (PP) or polyester (PET).
  • Characteristics of this type of bag: reusable, durable, and good load-bearing capacity. Therefore, it can be used with both bulky and heavy items.
  • Available in many different colors: white, black, blue, green, red, and yellow.
  • Customizable: easy-to-print logos, brands, or advertising images, serving the purpose of businesses.

Kraft paper

  •  Kraft paper bags are made from recycled paper or virgin paper.
  • This type of bag is light and thin, however, it is less durable and tears easily when wet, suitable for carrying lightweight items.
  • However, it is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
  • Popular colors: kraft brown.
  • With good printability, businesses can easily print logos and brands to promote brand image.

Grocery Bags Design

Currently, on the market, grocery bags have two popular shapes: die-cut and w-cut. These two shapes have their advantages and disadvantages, bringing different experiences to users.


The die-cut shape is often used with kraft bags. This is the shape of the bag's handle that is designed as a pre-cut hole on the body of the bag.

Grocery bags with a die-cut shape have advantages in terms of appearance. At the same time, the design of the handle attached to the body also helps the bag avoid tearing, saving more cost than bags with separate handles.

However, this type of bag has a lower load-bearing capacity than other types of bags.

W cut

The w-cut bag is the most popular bag shape on the market, used with non-woven bags. Bags with a w-cut shape have handles that are created by cutting two diagonal lines from the sides of the bag, forming a W shape.

The w-cut bag shape is popular because it can hold a maximum amount of items by easily expanding the bottom of the bag to increase its capacity. However, this type of bag is less aesthetically pleasing than die-cut bags, and the handles can break or hurt the user's hands if carrying too much weight.

Policy When Buying Wholesale Grocery Bags at Kimecopak

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Plastic Bag Ban in Canada

With the official implementation of the plastic bag ban, switching to solutions such as non-woven bags or paper bags instead of plastic grocery bags is necessary.

Here are some notes about the plastic bag ban policy in Canada that businesses need to know:

  • Ban on the manufacture and import of most single-use plastic bags since December 2022
  • Single-use plastic bags, including grocery bags, are one of the 6 types of plastic packaging including single-use checkout bags, straws, cutlery, food containers, stir sticks, and ring carriers, which are included in the list of single-use plastics banned in Canada.


In conclusion, grocery bags are a popular product with high applicability in many different areas of life. In the context of customers moving towards environmentally friendly products, along with the plastic bag ban policy, non-woven bags, and kraft bags are excellent alternative solutions due to their diverse functionality and environmental friendliness for businesses.