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Take-out cup carriers are ideal for coffee shops, cafes, concession stands, fast food restaurants, and eateries that offer drinks to-go. Let's follow this article below to choose suitable drink carriers for your brand. 

What Are Cup Carriers?

What Are Cup Carriers Called?

Cup carriers are also known as drink carriers, cup holders, and beverage carriers. They are built with indentations that hold a cup or some cups simultaneously. They make it easier to hand out beverages at your restaurant or deliver large drink orders to customers' homes. 

What Material Are Cup Holders Made Of?

Take out drink carriers may be crafted from paperboard, molded pulp, plastic, or other materials.

Type Of Cup Carriers

There are some popular kinds of cup carriers such as plastic carrier bags, paper carrier trays, and kraft carriers. 

Carrier Bags 

Carrier bags are crafted from high-quality polyethylene that is difficult to rip or tear. Carrier bags are designed to prevent liquids from leaking out of the bag in case there are any accidental spills. They have handles that make it simple to carry beverage cups and are usually used to hold one or two drinks. 

Carrier Trays

Drink trays - the most common type of drink holder, are made from pulp fiber, so these trays can be biodegradable and recycled. They can carry a maximum of four drinks and can hold various cup sizes. In addition, these trays are tear-resistant and some can hold up to 32 ounces of drinks.

Kraft Carriers

Kraft paper carriers are designed with handles, and compartments or openings to place cups. These carriers can resist moisture and avoid becoming soggy when exposed to liquid. After use, they also can be conveniently recycled to help minimize carbon footprint.

Where To Buy Cup Carrier At Wholesale Price In Canada?

If you are looking for a drink carrier supplier in Canada, look no further than KimEcopak. We offer some types of drink carriers such as cup carrier trays, and kraft paper cup holders, wholesale price. 

Drink Carriers Size At Kimecopak

Let’s refer to our take-out cup holders:

How many cups?



Kraft Paper Cup Holder 

2 cups

kraft paper

22 x 22 x 45 cm

Cup Tray

4 cups

100% recyclable fiber

40.39 x 24.64 x 4.57 cm

Cup Holder Wholesale Price 


Kraft Paper Cup Holder 

  • 0.12 CAD -> 0.35 CAD/pcs
  • Free logo printing for order > 10.000 pcs 

Cup Tray

0.297 CAD/pcs


Are Cup Carriers Recyclable? 

Drink carriers are commonly made of recycled materials such as pulp fiber, kraft paper, or PE,...So they can be recyclable.

What Are Mcdonald's Drink Carriers Made Of?

McDonald's uses molded paper pulp drink carriers.

How Do You Assemble A Drink Carrier?

To assemble the KimEcopak kraft paper drink carrier, first, grab it by the sides and press n words the auto bottom locks into place and you're ready to serve drinks. Plus, you can press the sides in if you'd like to help serve smaller drink cups.


In conclusion, the cup carrier has emerged as a practical and innovative solution to address the challenges associated with carrying multiple cups or beverages simultaneously. Its design, versatility, and convenience make it an ideal accessory for your business.