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Sushi Box with Custom Logo | Low Minimum, Wholesale Price in Canada

Sushi Box with Custom Logo | Low Minimum, Wholesale Price in Canada

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We're excited to work on your custom printing project!

  • A standard lead time for these products is 6-8 weeks from the final design approval.

  • Express Air-shipping applied to Cutlery Collection & Shopping Bag, with total lead time is about between 3-4 weeks from the final design approval.

    We'll keep you informed every step of the way & only start bulk production upon your final confirmation.

For more information on production and delivery estimated time-line for Pre-Order with Custom Logo, click HERE!


Is there any extra FEE for Logo Design or Plate Charge?

  • NOPE. Our Quote is exactly what you will need to pay, with NO extra cost.

  • KimECopak's Unit Price included FREE design support, FREE Shipping & NO extra plate costs already. (excepted marked as "No logo")

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Paper Sushi Box With Custom Logo

Sushi Box with Custom Logo | Low Minimum, Wholesale Price in Canada

SMALL 700ml / 15 000 Pcs | 1 Color LOGO

KimEcopak's Custom Take Out Sushi Box with logo can indeed be a perfect option for Japanese restaurant chains, sushi restaurant owners, and catering businesses. These custom food boxes with logos allow you to differentiate your sushi offerings and leave a lasting impression on clients. 



Custom Food Boxes with logo Specifications


30,000 Pcs 


200 Pcs/Case

Length x Width x Height

+ SMALL SIZE: 700ml | 17.5 X 11.5 X H4.5CM
+ MEDIUM Size: 1300ml | 20.5 X 12 X H4.5CM
+ LARGE Size: 1600ml | 20.5 X 13.5 X H4.5CM

(Custom Size available at MOQ 50,000 Pcs)


Kraft Paper / Card Stock / Corrugated Cardboard


Matte / Gloss




1 color / 2 color


Recyclable / Stackable / Fridge Safe


Single Wall Corrugated


1 Compartment

Paper GSM (Thickness)

250 gsm


Sushi / Pastry / Take-Out Boxes / MOQ Requires

Lead time: 

8-12 weeks, from the final confirmation of design.

Why Choose Custom Logo Sushi Box?


  • Enhance Your Brand Identity: Custom logo sushi boxes are more than just containers; they're an extension of your brand. By adding your logo to these boxes, you establish a unique and memorable identity that resonates with your customers.
  • Promote Brand Consistency: Consistency is key in the restaurant industry. Custom sushi boxes ensure that your brand's identity remains intact across all your locations, building trust and recognition among your clientele.


  • Embrace Eco-Friendly Practices: With the rising importance of sustainability, custom logo sushi boxes made from eco-friendly materials send a clear message that your restaurant chain cares about the environment.
  • Align with Japanese Traditions: Japanese culture values harmony with nature. Choosing eco-friendly packaging pays homage to these traditions and showcases your commitment to preserving the environment.


  • Stand Out in a Crowded Market: The restaurant industry is highly competitive. Custom logo sushi boxes set your chain apart, making a memorable impression and attracting customers in a crowded marketplace.
  • Spark Social Media Buzz: Customers love sharing unique and branded experiences on social media. Custom sushi boxes can become a talking point, increasing your restaurant chain's online visibility and reputation.


  • Affordable Brand Promotion: Customization doesn't have to break the bank. Custom logo sushi boxes offer a cost-effective way to promote your restaurant chain and enhance your brand's recognition.
  • Long-Term Investment: Investing in custom sushi boxes is an investment in your brand's long-term success. The branding remains consistent, and it's a one-time expense with lasting benefits.


  • Stay Ahead of Plastic Bans: Canada's regulations are shifting towards banning plastic products. By opting for custom logo sushi boxes that comply with these regulations, your restaurant chain demonstrates its commitment to responsible business practices.
  • Impress Eco-Conscious Diners: Eco-friendly packaging appeals to a growing segment of eco-conscious diners. Your restaurant chain's commitment to sustainable choices can attract and retain this valuable customer base.

Custom Take Out Food Paper Boxes with logo Advantages

  • Showcase with Clarity & Anti-Fog Window: KimEcopak's take-out box has a transparent window that offers an enticing preview of the culinary delights, inviting customers to indulge visually before they savor each bite. 
  • Eco-Friendly: Made from kraft paper, a renewable resource, this packaging is a symbol of your commitment to the environment. 
  • Secure and Portable: Sturdy construction ensures your culinary creations remain intact during transit, making it perfect for takeout and delivery orders.
  • Versatile Presentation: Ideal for sushi restaurants and Javanese eateries alike, this box caters to a range of culinary creations. 
  • Grease-resistant: With a poly-coated interior, our boxes are specifically designed to offer resistance against sauces and oil, ensuring not a single drop seeps through. 
  • Cost-effective: Our boxes with transparent windows save costs for lids compared to other traditional SuShi Boxes with lids.

Custom logo, design support services & timeline

  • Step #1 | PLACE ORDER & PROVIDE LOGO (Order online OR request a Quote)
  • Step #2 | MOCK UP DESIGN: 3-5 business days.
  • Step #4 | PRODUCTION: 2-4 weeks from final design approval.
  • Step #5 | DELIVERY: 6-8 weeks from production completion

You can explore the full pre-order process of KimEcopak.


  • Quality Assurance: Assure top-quality, high-quality printing.
  • Price Stability: Guarantee no price increases for a set period.
  • On-Time Delivery: Ensure punctual product delivery.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: Commit to customer contentment.
  • Customization Accuracy: Guarantee precise logo details & ONLY start production when the customer has final approval on the mock-up design.

    How to order Custom Take Out Food Paper Boxes with logo?

    >> Don't miss out! Click to order Custom Take Out Food Paper Boxes and take your brand's packaging to the next level.

    >>> If you're not quite ready, we've got you covered! Click to order a SAMPLE of our custom takeout food paper boxes to test their quality and experience their exceptional design firsthand.

    >> Want to contact our team for more information? SUBMIT FORM below. 

    >> If you would like to order Sushi Take Out Boxes WITHOUT LOGO.

    Do you provide printing services for name cards or stickers to stick to take-out food containers?

    KimEcopak is still working on our next phase to provide high-quality stickers and branding combos with custom logos. In this way, you can still make your brand shine with just a case of a thousand food packaging items. Stay tuned for more exciting options to meet your specific needs!

    STEP 1 - ORDER

    OPT #1 | ORDER ONLINE DIRECTLY ON WEBSITE: Easily purchase the desired product and quantity on our website, and simply add them to your cart. At the checkout, choose one of our accepted payment methods such as credit cards, wire transfers, or e-transfers or business cheque, to complete the transaction. Once the payment is confirmed, our team will reach out to you within 1 business day to confirm your logo design and provide a final production timeline. It's fast, secure, and hassle-free!


    OPT #2 | ORDER BY REQUEST A QUOTE ENQUIRYIf you have specific design and size requirements for your custom logo needs, you can choose to request a Quote Enquiry. Our team will work closely with you to provide a customized quote that meets your needs. Our listed pricing is based on standard requirements (1 color, 1 side & regular printing), but we can provide you with a personalized quote to match your design and size requirements.

    Once the quote is approved and payment is received, we'll contact you to confirm your logo design and provide you with a final production timeline.

    Due to a shortage of staffs & also suppliers’ chain, it may take us a little longer than usual. Please don't worry, we're doing everything we can to get you the best possible price, and we'll be in touch within 2-7 business days.

    STEP 2 | SUBMIT LOGO: LOGO is preferred in vector format as .jpg, .png or high resolution .pdf file. All texts must be outlined.

    STEP 3 | DESIGN APPROVAL: Our team will provide a final design based on your LOGO & requirements. You'll need to final approve the design before production begins.

    STEP 4 | PAYMENT: Payment is accepted by business cheque, wire-transfer, e-transfer, or most major credit cards. Once payment is received, we'll begin production. 

    STEP 5 | PRODUCTION: Our regular lead time for custom printing products is 8 - 12 weeks from the final approved design. If you've requested custom or special size/design, extra processing time will be applied on top of the regular production process.

    STEP 6 | SHIPPING/STORAGE: We offer free storage for up to 30 days at our Manitoba Warehouse & Montreal & BC Warehouse if you don't have enough space to store the whole bulk-order. However, there will be a small extra charge for shipping of the remaining products to your delivery address. Once your products are ready for shipping, we'll notify you of the shipment details.

    For more information on production and delivery estimated time-line for Pre-Order with Custom Logo, click HERE!

    Let's spice things up! Share the deets on your products, sizes, and quantities, and let's cook up a tailored solution that screams YOUR style. Let's make it pop & by Pre-Order Submit Form BELOW!