Canada-wide Single-use Plastics Banning | Overview & Update

Canada-wide Single-use Plastics Banning | Overview & Update


On June 22, 2022, the Government of Canada published the Single-use Plastics Prohibition Regulations (the Regulations), in the Canada Gazette, Part II.

Effective December 20, 2022, the manufacture and import for sale of the following harmful single-use plastics(*) in Canada will be prohibited. 

For RING BEERS Carriers, this ban on the manufacture and import will be extended till June 2023 allowing beer manufactory having more time to find replacement eco-friendly options.

I. Single-use Plastics Prohibition Regulations | Overview

(*)The Regulations prohibit the manufacture, import, sale and eventually export of 6 categories of single-use plastic (SUP) items, include:

#1. Single-use plastic checkout bags;

#2. Single-use plastic cutlery;

#3. Single-use plastic foodservice ware;

#4. Single-use plastic ring beers;

#5. Single-use plastic stir sticks;

#6. Single-use plastic straws

Guidance specific to each single-use plastic subject to the Regulations:

#1. Single-use plastic checkout bags;

A 2021 Statistics Canada survey found that 96% of Canadian households use their own bags or containers while grocery shopping. Of those that use their own bags or containers, 43% always did, 36% often did, and 16% sometimes did. Meanwhile, only 4% of Canadians did not own or use their bags or containers when grocery shopping.1  However, reusable bags and bins must be reused several times to maintain an advantage over single-use plastic bags.2

Reusable shopping bags must meet the performance requirements in the Regulations. These requirements must be considered when selecting an alternative. The Technical Guidelines offer more details on the performance requirements for reusable checkout bags.


#2. Single-use plastic cutlery;

Single-use plastic cutlery is primarily associated with takeout meals. However, when a customer consumes a takeout meal at their residence, single-use cutlery is not required, or often even desired, by the customer. Businesses should consider giving customers the option to specify whether they require single-use cutlery at all. Businesses could also consider providing more meal options that do not require the use of cutlery (for example, wraps and sandwiches).

When dining in, business should consider offering customers reusable aluminium/stainless steel options versus non-plastic single-use cutlery.

When single-use cutlery is required, alternative materials are available (for example, pressed and moulded fibre, bamboo cutlery, wooden cutlery).

In 2021, McDonalds eliminated plastic stir sticks, straws and cutlery in more than 1,400 restaurants across Canada. These items were replaced by wooden alternatives. By eliminating these items, it is estimated that 840 tonnes of plastic are being removed from landfills annually.


#3. Single-use plastic foodservice ware;

In the Regulations, foodservice ware is designed for serving or transporting food or beverage that is ready to be consumed; is shaped as clamshell containers, lidded containers, boxes, cups, plates, or bowls; and contains polystyrene foam, polyvinyl chloride, carbon black or oxo-degradable plastics. The Technical Guidelines offer further details and guidance on foodservice ware.


#4. Single-use plastic ring beers;

 Single-use plastic ring carriers are unique among the list of banned single-use plastic items because they are often applied to products before arriving at retail locations. Alternative products can already be found on the Canadian market, and include cardboard boxes, rigid plastic snap-on carriers or fiber-based carriers, or adhesives that hold beverage containers together. When choosing an alternative to single-use plastic, businesses should try to avoid value recovery problematic options, like plastic film, as these can be difficult to recycle.

In Canada & USA, KimEcopak is currently offer Biodegradable Ring Beer, both in 6 packs & 4 packs, made of a SUGARCANE fiber and is available to provide the same function as single-use plastic ring carriers.

Another alternative for the plastic ring carrier is the CanCollar®, a durable, paperboard-based multipack solution for cans.


#5. Single-use plastic stir sticks;

The principal reusable alternative is a metal spoon. A number of single-use alternatives made of natural materials, such as wooden or sugar cane, are also available.

Tim Horton’s has phased out plastic stir sticks in favour of wood-based stir sticks in their restaurants in Canada and the USA since 2019. This change is expected to eliminate 186 million plastic stir sticks annually.

Airlines are taking steps in using alternatives to single use plastics. Air Canada uses wood stir sticks on their planes, eliminating 35 million plastic stir sticks annually.


#6. Single-use plastic straws

Reusable straws made from metal, glass and silicone are available for Canadians to purchase. For customers who want to continue to use a straw to consume a beverage, single-use BIO-plastic straws, BAMBOO straws, grass straws are a viable option.

In 2019, Starbucks and Tim Hortons introduced “strawless” lids for cold drinks, allowing customers to consume cold drinks without a straw. Other restaurants, like A&W, made the switch from plastic straws to paper straws in 2019. Red Lobster is sourcing and testing a variety of Bio-plastic straw replacements...



II. How KimEcopak helps Biz Well-Prepare for this BIG Challenge?

After conducting interviews with restaurant owners in Ontario, Manitoba, Montreal & Alberta, we understand that many business owners are concerned about the increasing inflation rate and product shortages, coupled with limited kitchen storage and budget constraints.



At KimEcopak, we recognize these challenges and are proud to be one of the first suppliers in Canada to offer for our "Long-Term Business Partners(*). This offer allows you to automatically stock up on your desired Eco-friendly Food Containers and have them delivered straight to your door without worrying about increasing prices for at least the next 6 months!

 As a valued "Long-Term Business Partners(*), you'll also have access to exclusive perks and savings, including:

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(*) Long-term business partner means, aka "Subscribe for a Happy Life" means ordering with our subscription for >3 continuous subscriptions, for a bi-weekly/monthly scheduled-shipping, with free storage, quantity discount & delivery options. Subscription is available on selected products. T&C applies.

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