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What is to go box?

To go box also called take out box or take out container - is a container used to package leftovers or food for take-out from a restaurant or other food establishment. 

Types of to go box

Currently, there are 3 popular types of takeout food packaging

Take out Box

A takeout box, also commonly referred to as a takeout container. This is a box designed with a rectangular shape, with a foldable lid on top (the excess carton flap on all four sides is cleverly designed into a lid), specialized for holding dry food, fried food... Some paper boxes are designed with a plastic window to allow customers to see the food inside, like sushi or Gimbap. The type of take out box usually has 3 sizes: 26 oz, 45 oz, 66 Oz.

Paper Container

Paper Container has a round cylindrical design, the current common size is 16 Oz, 24 Oz, 32 Oz. The materials of these Paper Containers are mainly made of brown Kraft or white paper. Double Poly-Coated Paperboard is used to prevent water absorption, moisture resistance ... Paper Containers are commonly used for liquid or liquid food: such as soup, noodles, etc. comes with a lid according to the standard size of the box. A wellworth mentioning is, in North America the standard market had a standard lid size of 115mm, which can be used for all sizes 16 Oz, 24 Oz and 32 Oz.

Paper Bowl

Paper Bowl also features a round cylindrical design but with a shorter height compared to the product mouth’s diameter. Kraft paper material has a waterproof coating like Paper Container, so it can hold liquid and dry food. The product is often used for desserts such as Salads, meals, soup-noodles and more....

Except for the three single-use packaging above, Kimecopak packaging supplieralso offers distinctive takeout containers tailored to other types of products such as ice cream paper cup, clamshell boxes, sushi box, etc.

    Who often uses the to go box?

    To go box (take out container) are frequently used in restaurants, coffee shops, food trucks, and other food establishments that offer takeout, delivery, or catering services.

    To go box features

    Material: Kraft Paper/ Sturdy paperboard material, Sugarcane Clamshell


    • Maintain food temperature and freshness, reducing the risk of spoilage or contamination.
    • Easy storage of leftover food
    • Biodegradable and compostable
    • Manage portion sizes and reduce food waste
    • Cost-effective
    • Microwavable and Freezer-safe
    • Various styles and designs

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    What sets KimEcopak apart?

    At KimEcopak, we take pride in offering top-quality eco-friendly packaging solutions that cater to your specific needs. Our commitment to sustainability, exceptional customer service, and diverse product range make us the ideal partner for all your food packaging requirements.