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These days, glass jars are commonly used to store food such as jam, honey, cookies, and spice,...Glass doesn't alter the taste or the odor of whatever is stored inside it. This makes it the perfect container rather than plastic jars. So let’s follow this article to learn more about KimEcopak’s glass jars for food. 

Type of Glass Jars

Here are some common types of glass jars:

Mason Jars

A Mason jar is a type of glass container used for home canning, sometimes called a fruit jar or canning jar. The mouth of the jar includes a screw thread around the outside to accommodate a metal ring or "band". A separate stamped steel disc-shaped lid is pressed up against the jar's rim by the band when it is screwed down.

Hexagonal Jars

Hexagonal jars have a distinctive six-sided shape. They are often used for storing honey, jams, or jellies and are also used for other dessert and food products, like chocolate and caramel sauces. The unique shape of hexagonal jars adds an aesthetic touch to your products.

French Square Glass Jars

These jars have a distinctive rectangular shape, and are frequently used to package food items like spices. These glass jars are space-efficient to ship and store because of their square bodies.

Round Jars

Round glass jars are circular and usually have a rounded bottom and a cylindrical body. A wide variety of goods, such as food items, spices, condiments, jams, jellies, sauces, pickles, and more, are frequently stored in round jars. 

Common Size Glass Jars For Food Storage

Round Glass Jars Sizes

Here are some common round glass jar sizes for spice, cookies, jam, or honey:

Size (Ounces)

Size (Milliliters)

Dimensions (Height x Diameter)



9.3 x 5.5 cm



9.3 x 6.7 cm



9.3 x 8.3 cm



9.3 x 10 cm



9.3 x 14 cm



9.3 x 18.3 cm

French Square Glass Jars

Here are some common French square glass jar sizes for gourmet sauces, herbs, and marinades,...

Size (Ounces)

Size (Milliliters)

Dimensions (Height x Diameter)



4 x 9.1 cm



5.6 x 14 cm



6.3 x 15.4 cm



6.8 x 16.7 cm

Type Of Lid For Glass Jar

Jar lids come in two main types: twist-off and screw-top.

  • Twist-off caps are common on store-bought chutney and jam jars. They're not very high, between 5 and 7 mm. And require half a turn to undo them.
  • Screw-top caps are typically higher to allow for the thread on the inside of the cap. It normally takes three or four turns to undo these. You can typically find them in mason and honey jars.

Standard Sizes of Jam Jar Lids: The standard sizes that can be found are 38, 43, 48, 53, 58, 63, 66, 70, and 82 diameter millimeters. 

Glass Jar Supplier With Free Logo Printing Service In Canada

For those looking to personalize their glass jars, look no further than KimEcopak. We offer custom services to help you add a professional touch to your products and help establish brand recognition among customers. 

About our custom glass jars service: 

  • Free logo label (1 design) for all orders > 10,000 pcs
  • Mixing Sizes available with MOQ 1x 40ft cont' with a special offer. Unit Pricing will depend on the Final MOQ of each size.

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Frequently Asked Question

At What Temperature Does Glass Break?

The average temperatures that glass jars are exposed to in daily life are too low to have any effect. However, if you put glass jars at extremely cold temperatures and the contents inside expand, glass jars may shatter the glass. It can fracture or change into a plastic-like state at extremely high temperatures, approximately 500°C.

Is It Safe To Reuse Glass Food Jars?

Sure, glass jars for storing food are safe for reuse and can be repurposed indefinitely. You need to clean them thoroughly after using them. 

Should I Choose Round Jars or Square Jars?

When deciding between round and square glass jars for food storage, it ultimately comes down to personal preference. Round jars are more traditional and easier to clean, while square jars are space-efficient and stackable. Consider the aesthetic appeal and practicality of each shape before making your choice.


In conclusion, choosing the right glass jars for food storage is essential for maintaining the freshness and quality of your culinary creations. By considering factors such as size, color, and lid type, you can ensure that your spices, cookies, jams, and honey are stored and presented best. Whether you prefer round or square jars, remember that glass jars can be reused creatively, and partnering with a reputable supplier for logo printing services can take your glass packaging to the next level. Make your food storage stylish and practical with the perfect glass jars!