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In a world where convenience meets practicality, paper napkins have become a staple in households, events, and parties. The versatility of these napkins spans a wide range of uses, from enhancing dining experiences to ensuring personal hygiene. Let's delve into the various types, uses, and shopping considerations of disposable paper napkins.

Types of Paper Napkins

Here are some common paper napkins:

Beverage Napkins

Also referred to as cocktail napkins, these napkins are usually used for serving desserts, snacks, and drinks. Bars and cafes also frequently utilize these table napkins.

Snack Napkins

Ideal for weddings, parties, quick-service restaurants, and takeout shops. These are slightly larger and of higher quality than beverage napkins, in contrast. These can also used in the kitchen to quickly wipe off small spills.

Luncheon Napkins

Luncheon napkins are the most widely used napkins in casual dining restaurants and are perfect for sit-down meals or buffet service. The paper quality is far superior to that of a beverage napkin.

Dinner napkins

Compared to lunchtime napkins, these are bigger and composed of better paper. Can be used at casual dining facilities as well as occasionally premium dining establishments.

Airlaid Napkins

Most upscale fine-dine restaurants and high-end parties utilize Airlaid table napkins, which are the most elegant and premium-quality napkins on the market. Airlaid napkins feel like linen, are incredibly soft, and have a high absorbency. 

What Kind Of Napkins Should I Use?

  • Regular Paper Napkin: Can be used at organized events, marketing agencies, restaurants, parties, and events.
  • Linen-like Paper Napkins: Ideal for formal events, parties, weddings, and birthdays needs a luxurious feeling.
  • Dispenser Napkins: Suitable for canteens, fast food restaurants, casual gatherings, and food trucks with limited budgets. 

Where To Buy Wholesale Paper Napkins In Canada 

Consider size, thickness, color, and design options when shopping for paper napkins. Packaging and quantity play an essential role, along with choosing reputable brands and suppliers. Bulk buying offers benefits in terms of cost-effectiveness and convenience.

KimEcopak is a supplier that offers various paper napkins at wholesale prices. Especially, we free logo printing with all orders > 50.000 PCS. Let’s refer to our napkin below:

Type of napkin

Type of paper




Regular Paper (Cocktail napkin)

23 x 23cm


Regular Paper

23 x 23cm



25 x 25cm



Regular Paper

40 x 40cm


Regular Paper

40 x 40cm



40 x 40cm



(INTERFOLD napkins)

Virgin Wood Pulp 

13 X 8.2 INCH



Are Paper Napkins Recyclable?

Yes, paper napkins are recyclable, making them an eco-friendly choice.

1/4 Fold vs 1/8 Fold: What’s the Difference?

¼ Fold Napkins

⅛ Fold Napkins

  • More casual and are often used for dinners and luncheons. 
  • The single-fold provides a large surface area, making them perfect for meals that may be a bit messier.
  • Offer a more elegant presentation. 
  • Often used for formal events like weddings or high-profile business gatherings, where attention to detail is crucial. 

What Are Linen-Feel Napkins?

Linen-like paper Napkins are made of thick paper material with a feel and appearance close to real cloth linen but offer the convenience of a disposable product. They offer a cost-effective alternative to costly cloth napkins. 

How To Fold A Paper Napkin?

There are many ways to fold a paper napkin such as folding a dinner napkin into a Christmas Tree Napkin, Bow Knot Napkin, Eight-Pointed Star Napkin, or Turkey Napkin,...

Here is the way to fold a napkin into a classic pocket: 

  • Step 1: Laying a square dinner napkin flat.
  • Step 2: Fold the top of the napkin a quarter of the way down.
  • Step 3: Fold the bottom of the napkin up until it just covers the edge of the top of the napkin.
  • Step 4: Flip the napkin over and fold it into thirds.
  • Step 5: Turn the napkin over again and place a name card, dinner menu, or flower into the pocket.

Difference Between Tissue Paper And Paper Napkin

Tissue paper is used for general tasks such as washing hands, face, and mouth, whereas paper napkins are made from one up to four piles of paper material used to wipe mouth & hands after eating.

Can A Dog Digest A Paper Napkin?

The napkin likely won't cause any issues as it passes through the digestive system. On the other hand, if the dog consumes an excessive amount of paper napkins, it can clog their intestines and result in serious health issues. Call your veterinarian right away if you believe your dog has consumed an excessive amount of paper napkins.


Overall, paper napkins are practical, versatile, and cost-effective items that offer convenience, cleanliness, and style. They play a crucial role in enhancing dining experiences and promoting hygiene. Let's custom napkins with KimEcopak to add a touch of elegance to any event.