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Looking for a supplier that offers high-quality Paper Straws that do not get soggy quickly and are available at wholesale prices in Canada? Look no further! KimEcopak has what you are looking for. In addition, KimEcopak has a special offer when you order in bulk. Let’s learn more!

What Are Paper Straws Made Of?

Paper straws are crafted from high-quality kraft paper. This kind of paper has the qualities of being strong, long-lasting, and waterproof. So, they are gradually replacing plastic straws to protect the health safety of consumers, and the environment.

Paper Straw Size Options

Beverage Type



Water, Milk, Soda, Iced Tea, Cocktails, Mocktail, etc.



6 mm



146 mm

Best for shorter glasses, cans, or tetra packs

Milkshakes, Smoothies, slushies, etc.


8 mm


200 mm 

Best for Regular Cups or Glasses

220 - 230 mm

Best for Taller Cups, Glasses or Bottles

Bubble Tea

10 mm - 12 mm

210 - 230 mm

Best for Taller Cups, Glasses or Bottles

What Types Of Beverages Are Paper Straws Best For?

Paper straws are suitable for a wide range of drinks:

  • Cold Drinks: Paper straws work effectively for cold beverages such as iced coffee, iced tea, soda, lemonade, fruit juices, smoothies, or milkshakes, etc. 
  • Hot Drinks: Paper straws can still be used for hot drinks like hot chocolate, warm apple cider, or other hot beverages. However, it's important to remember that paper straws may weaken or soften more quickly in hot environments, so it's advised to finish hot beverages rather quickly.
  • Alcoholic Beverages: In addition, you can use paper straws for alcoholic beverages.

Where To Order Paper Straws Bulk In Canada?

If you’re wondering where to get paper straws at the greatest price in Canada, KimEcopak's supplier has a vast assortment of straws starting at 0.0745 CAD/pcs. Our straws are a solution to REPLACE normal plastic straws. 

KimEcopak’s Paper Straws Features

Currently, KimEcopak offers 2 types of paper straws: Bubble Tea Paper Straws 12mm and Coffee Paper Straw 8mm

Bubble Tea Paper Straws 12mm

Coffee Paper Straw 8mm


$189/Case of 2000

$149/Case of 2000

Base Material

100% paper

100% paper


Length: 23cm

Diameter: 12mm

Length: 21cm

Diameter: 8mm


Paper straws for bubble tea shops, cafes, and restaurants. 

For coffee shops, cafes, restaurants and cinemas. 

Ideal for thick beverages like bubble tea, smoothies, and more.

Ideal for any kind of normal beverage like coffee, tea & canned drinks, and more.


Earth-Friendly: Crafted from biodegradable materials, our paper straws are your commitment to a greener planet. Reduce your environmental footprint without sacrificing quality.

Straws can be custom-printed: Customize the wrapping with your logo, adding a unique touch to every sip and promoting your brand with each drink served.

Cost-saving: Our paper straws offer an affordable price when ordered in bulk without compromising on quality, ensuring you get the best bang for your buck.

Versatile for various drinks, hot or cold drinks.

Special Offer When Order Paper Straws In Bulk At Kimecopak

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KimEcopak's Custom Printed Paper Straws Service 

At KimEcopak, we provide logo printing services to help you stand out from the competition, increase brand visibility, and make a lasting impression on your clients. We use high-quality printing techniques and advanced equipment to achieve clear, colorful logo prints. 

Do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions you may have or with your specific logo printing needs. We will be delighted to assist you.

Frequently Asked Question

Are Paper Straws Reusable?

Paper straws are designed to be used once and then disposed of. So, they can be reused. If you want to order reusable straws, you can learn more about KimEcopak's Reusable Straws

Are Paper Straws Used For Hot Beverages?

You can use paper straws for hot drinks. But when straws are prolonged exposure to heat can make them go softer quickly.

Do Paper Straws Get Soggy?

KimEcopak's 3-ply straws are very solid and sturdy and won’t go soggy as quickly as standard 2-ply straws, therefore you can enjoy your beverage right up until the very last sip.

How Long Does A Paper Straw Last In A Drink Before It Gets Soggy And Starts To Fall Apart?

Paper straws typically last in a drink for 20 to 30 minutes before becoming soggy and falling apart. This can change based on the kind of drink, the size of the straw, the ambient temperature and humidity, and other factors. Paper straws, for instance, might endure longer in cold beverages than in hot beverages.

How Long Does It Take For Paper Straws To Decompose?

A paper straw takes on average 2 - 6 months to decompose. In landfills, paper straws take around one month to decompose. Depending on the environmental conditions, paper exposed to oxygen will break down more quickly than paper buried in a landfill with little to no oxygen.

Should I Choose Paper Straws Individually Wrapped?

Let’s compare Wrapped Paper Straws and Unwrapped Paper Straws:

Wrapped Paper Straws

Unwrapped Paper Straws


Paper straws individually wrapped provide customers with a hygienic way to enjoy their drinks and prevent the spread of germs.

Suitable for individual use or storage in paper straw dispensers.


Marginally higher than unwrapped paper straws


Storage/Case Quantity

Lower than unwrapped paper straws