Guide to Purchase the Best Drink Carrier for Your Business

Guide to Purchase the Best Drink Carrier for Your Business

With bio straws, drink carriers have become an indispensable tool with a variety of uses. But which type of drink carrier is right for your business? In today's article, let's review the functions of drink carriers and help you choose the right one for your business.

Overview of Drink Carrier

A drink carrier, also known as a cup carrier, beverage carrier, or cup holder, is a simple yet essential tool designed to transport multiple beverages at once. They are commonly used in food and beverage businesses like cafes, fast-food restaurants, and juice bars.

Common Types of Beverage Carriers

Drink carriers come in various styles and materials to suit different beverage types and business needs. Let’s discover the most common types, categorized by both material and function.

Categorized by material

  • Disposable Carriers: These cost-effective, lightweight options are ideal for single-use scenarios, particularly takeout orders. However, their durability is limited. Common materials include paperboard, molded pulp, and cardboard.
  • Reusable Carriers: A more environmentally friendly choice, reusable carriers are designed for multiple uses. They come in various materials, each offering distinct advantages:
    • Plastic: A durable and affordable option, available in a variety of styles with lids (ideal for both in-store and takeout settings). Opt for BPA-free plastic for a health-conscious approach.
    • Fabric: Eco-friendly and often collapsible for easy storage, fabric carriers may not offer as much insulation. However, some offer insulated linings for enhanced temperature control.
    • Silicone: Providing excellent insulation and durability, silicone is a great choice for hot or cold beverages, though it may have a higher initial cost. Its reusability can offset the investment.

Categorized by fuction:

  • Standard Carriers: These basic carriers securely hold multiple cups, often with dividers to prevent them from bumping and tipping over. Available in disposable and reusable options with various sizes, they are ideal for general beverage carrying and suitable for businesses with a limited variety of cup sizes.
  • Multi-Sized Carriers: Designed with compartments to accommodate different sized cups, bottles, and cans, these carriers are ideal for businesses offering a variety of beverage options. Consider carriers with adjustable compartments for maximum versatility.

Benefits of Using Drink Carriers

Drink carriers offer a surprising range of benefits for food and beverage businesses. They go beyond simply transporting beverages - they can enhance customer experience, boost sales, streamline operations, and even promote your brand

  • Reduced Spills and Mess: Drink carriers provide a stable and secure way for customers to transport their beverages, minimizing spills and leaks. This not only keeps your customers happy but also reduces the need for replacements and cleaning up messes, saving you time and money.
  • Increased Order Capacity: Bevarage carriers allow customers to comfortably carry multiple drinks at once. This encourages them to order additional beverages, potentially boosting your average order value and overall sales.
  • Enhanced Delivery Experience: Delivery is a growing segment of the food & beverage industry. Cup carriers are essential for ensuring drinks arrive safely and securely at their destination. By keeping beverages upright and protected, you can minimize spills and damage, leading to happier customers and fewer refunds or remakes.
  • Branding Opportunity: Drink carriers offer a valuable real estate for promoting your brand. Customizable carriers can be printed with your logo, slogan, or even special offers. Every time a customer carries your drink, your brand gets a free ride, increasing brand awareness and recognition.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: Ultimately, drink carriers contribute to a more positive customer experience. By preventing spills, increasing order capacity, and ensuring safe delivery, you're showing your customers that you care about their experience. This can lead to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth recommendations.

    Which Type of Drink Carriers Should You Choose?

    Selecting the ideal cup carrier for your food and beverage business transcends mere functionality. It represents a strategic decision that can significantly impact customer experience, brand image, operational efficiency, and even environmental impact.

    When selecting your drinks carriers, here are the key considerations:

    • Beverage Selection:
      • Temperature Control: For hot beverages, prioritize carriers with robust insulating properties, such as insulated carriers or double-walled plastic options.
      • Cold Beverages: Similar to hot drinks, consider insulation for cold beverages to prevent condensation and maintain a chilled temperature.
      • Size and Weight: For large or heavy drinks, choose sturdy carriers with secure lids to prevent tipping and spills. Consider carriers that boast reinforced bottoms and thicker materials for added durability.
    • Customer Base:
      • Walk-In Traffic: Prioritize user-friendly options like lightweight carriers with comfortable handles, or cup sleeves for single drinks.
      • Delivery or Takeout: Focus on secure carriers with lids and optimal stability to prevent jostling during transport. Consider multi-sized carriers if your beverage offerings encompass a variety of sizes and types.
    • Brand Image:
      • Aesthetics: Select carriers that complement your brand's color scheme and overall visual identity. Branded carriers offer a subtle yet effective method of showcasing your brand with every carried drink.
      • Sustainability: If aligning with your brand image, consider eco-friendly options like reusable carriers crafted from fabric or silicone.
    • Budget and Sustainability: Disposable vs. Reusable: Disposable carriers offer a lower upfront cost but generate waste. Reusable options provide long-term cost savings and are more environmentally friendly.

    From the key considerations above, here are the optimal drink carrier based on common business scenarios:

    • High Takeout Volume & Budget Focus: Disposable carrier trays offer a cost-effective solution for single-use takeout orders.
    • Sustainability & Repeat Customers: Invest in reusable, eco-friendly carriers made from fabric or silicone for a long-term, sustainable approach.
    • Beverage Variety & Delivery: Multi-sized carriers with secure lids are ideal for businesses offering a diverse range of beverages and delivery services.

    Overall, the best drink carrier for your business depends on your business type and needs. Selecting the right one will enhance customer experiences and operational efficiency. Nowadays, with the rising awareness of environmental issues, choosing an eco-friendly type of drink carrier is preferable.

    Where to Buy Drink Carriers in Canada?

    While it's easy to find drink carriers in Canada, sourcing them in bulk, made from high-quality, eco-friendly materials, and at competitive prices can be a challenge for many businesses. If you're facing this challenge, Kimecopak is the perfect solution for your business.

    Kimecopak provides large-volume, high-quality eco-friendly packaging solutions. Kimecopak’s Cup carrier are made from 100% recycled fiber featuring a sturdy, multi-compartment design, making it ideal for accommodating up to four cups. They are the best choice for beverage shops including coffee shops, smoothies, … In addition to cup carriers, we offer a variety of other packaging options for beverage businesses, such as paper cups, biodegradable straws, coffee bags, and more.

    To further support businesses, Kimecopak offers various incentives for long-term partners, including:

    • Fixed price for 6 months
    • Instant savings of 5-7%
    • Scheduled delivery
    • Free storage

    To learn more about our products and incentives, please contact us via email at or visit our Kimecopak Facebook Fanpage.


    Drink carriers offer a multitude of benefits for food and beverage businesses, enhancing customer experience, boosting sales, and streamlining operations. However, with growing environmental concerns, choosing eco-friendly options is becoming increasingly important. By selecting reusable carriers made from sustainable materials or partnering with suppliers like Kimecopak who offer bulk, high-quality eco-friendly packaging solutions, businesses can fulfill their environmental responsibility without sacrificing convenience or functionality.

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