Types of disposable plates-Experience in choosing disposable plates

Types of disposable plates-Experience in choosing disposable plates

What are the advantages and disadvantages of disposable plates? Is it safe to use this type of plate to store food? Is this type of plates environmentally friendly? Your questions will be answered specifically in the article below.

Advantages and disadvantages of using disposable plates


  • Disposable plates are light in weight, easy to store and transport.
  • Can be used anytime, anywhere, in any situation.
  • They help keep the space clean.
  • Save cleaning time.
  • Manufactured from many material sources.


  • Disposable plates used incorrectly can be harmful to health. For example, the material used to make disposable plates is not suitable for use in the microwave...
  • Plates manufacturing materials are not environmentally friendly….

Are disposable plates recyclable?

Environmentally friendly tableware collection at wholesale prices at Kimecopak

3 types of disposable plates

Disposable plastic plates

Plastic is the most used in the world because of the following characteristics


  • Low price, high convenience.
  • Plastic plates are light in weight, have high hardness or flexibility. Plastic plates are suitable for most types of liquid, dry, hot, cold food...
  • Creating extremely diverse plastic disc shapes. Some plastic plates do not have compartments or have compartments that are very convenient for each use.


  • Plastic plates pollute the environment

Note: to protect the environment, users should prioritize choosing recyclable plastic plates or choose plates made from natural, degradable materials such as sugarcane fiber plates or paper plates.

Eco-disposable plates

Plates made from degradable biological materials are the trend of choice for users today because


  • They are composed mainly of natural ingredients and are therefore biodegradable.
  • Sugarcane and palm leaves are some of the materials used to produce this type of bio-disc.
  • Many types of biological plates are produced, suitable for each type of food: hot, cold, liquid, dry... users can refer to Kimecopak's environmentally friendly disposable plates.


  • The price may be higher than disposable plastic plates.

Cardboard plates

Cardboard plates used to be very popular disposable plates because of the following properties


  • Cheap and easy to produce.
  • Very environmentally friendly.


  • Cardboard plates are quite soft and easily break when storing food
  • Cardboard plates should not contain liquid foods with high humidity because they easily disintegrate in a short time.

Prices of disposable plates

Disposable plates at Kimecopak have the same price as wholesale ones at the factory. Many preferential price policies for customers who order periodically on our website. Currently, the biological disposable plates product line ranges in price from 99-105 CAD for 1000pcs. Buy 50,000 pcs or more and get free logo printing.

Experience in choosing disposable plates

Choose the plates shape that suits your needs
Disposable plates are designed in many shapes. Except for the popular round shape, square, hexagon, triangle... are also very popular because geometric designs with straight edges help save space for displaying food plates on the table.
Some paper plates with beautiful patterns used for crafting, decorative purposes... are also very popular.

Pay attention to the manufacturer's information written on the plates

Product information is very important, because it affects the function, safety, etc. of disposable discs during use. Can be divided into three large groups:

Can disposable plates be used in the microwave? Although most disposable plastic plates should not be used in the microwave, there are some models designed for this purpose.

Check the recommendations on the packaging and make sure you can use it in the microwave before using it.

  • Styrofoam plates: Disposable foam plates, made of polyethylene, are a great choice for storing foods that need to be eaten hot or cold. Some of these plates, to increase temperature preservation, must have a lid.
  • Synthetic slate dining plates: The shape of these plates, similar to slate, makes it a very elegant and unique element. It is widely used by event and catering companies.

The design of disposable plates is getting more and more beautiful

The plates becomes even more attractive if it is served in beautiful plates. That's why the designs of the plates are becoming more beautiful and unique.
The design of the panels can be classified as follows:

  • Classic: Traditionally, tese panels are round, can be colored, and have some distinctive graphic elements on the edges.
  • Children: These are disposable plates used at children's parties. They can be colorless and even have your personal image printed on them.
  • Elegant: Square, hexagonal, even triangular panels have been shown. They are often so sturdy that they can be washed and reused.
  • Natural: Biodegradable plates belong to this group. They are manufactured from natural materials, such as leaves, and have the natural shape and texture of the raw material from which they are made.

In short, disposable plates are being improved with the criteria of low price, health safety when used and increasingly environmentally friendly. If users clearly understand the features of disposable plates, this product will still play a positive role in the food packaging market.

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