Wholesale Ice Cream Cups British Columbia

Wholesale Ice Cream Cups British Columbia

The ban on single-use plastic implemented across Canada has left your ice cream shop confused and struggling to find wholesale ice cream cups in British Columbia? Where can you find a quality wholesale ice cream cup supplier that complies with the policy? Today's article will help you choose the best wholesale ice cream cup supplier in British Columbia.

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Types of Disposable Ice Cream Cups Complying with British Columbia's Environmental Policy

British Columbia takes environmental responsibility seriously, enforcing a ban on single-use plastics, including plastic ice cream cups. This means ice cream shops need to find alternative disposable cups that comply with these regulations. But fear not, there are several eco-friendly options available!

Here are some types of disposable ice cream cups that comply with the environmental policy of British Columbia:

  • Paper Ice Cream Cups: Made from renewable resources, these cups are completely biodegradable. They come in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles, and can even be customized with your brand logo for a touch of personality. Plus, they offer good water resistance and keep your ice cream nice and cold.
  • PLA (Polylactic Acid) Ice Cream Cups: This option utilizes bioplastics derived from corn or cane starch. While PLA is biodegradable, its breakdown rate is slower compared to paper or bagasse cups. Nevertheless, it offers good water resistance and keeps ice cream chilled.
  • Sugarcane Bagasse Ice Cream Cups: Made from a sustainable by-product of the sugar industry – sugarcane bagasse, these cups are fully biodegradable and a fantastic choice for the eco-conscious customer. Similar to paper cups, they boast good water resistance and keep your ice cream cool.

Wholesale Disposable Ice Cream Cups Supplier in British Columbia


Kimecopak is a trusted wholesale supplier renowned for their high-quality products and exceptional service. Kimecopak prioritizes sustainability, offering wholesale a wide range of eco-friendly packaging options like to-go boxes, tableware, biodegradable straws, etc.

Made from high-quality paper, Kimecopak's paper ice cream cups come in various sizes to accommodate different ice cream creations. Plus, their leak-proof and water-resistant design ensures a mess-free experience for your customers.

For added convenience, Kimecopak includes mini spoons with their ice cream cups. This not only benefits your customers but also provides an extra service that sets your shop apart.

Kimecopak understands the needs of businesses and offers a compelling value proposition to become their preferred supplier:

  • Custom LogoKimecopak offers free custom logo printing on your ice cream cups, subject to minimum order quantities (MOQs). This is a fantastic way to boost brand recognition.
  • Long-Term Partnerships: Committed to building strong relationships, Kimecopak provides fixed prices for 6 months, 5-7% discounts, and scheduled deliveries for long-term partners. They even offer free storage, easing your inventory management woes.
  • Simplified Ordering Process with 3 simple steps:
Step 1: Choose a product. In this step, you select the item and quantity you want.
Step 2: Subscribe. In this step, you choose to subscribe and schedule delivery, and add the item to your cart.
Step 3: Order and relax. In this step, you simply need to check out and pay. Your order will be delivered as scheduled.

To learn more about Kimecopak's products and promotions, businesses can contact the company via:

  • Website: kimecopak.ca
  • Email: halo@kimecopak.ca
  • Hotline: 1-204-891-1417

TransCold Distribution Ltd.

TransCold Distribution provides access to the most recognized and popular ice cream brands and frozen goods in the world

Contact information:

  • Website: https://www.transcold.com/
  • Email: Sales@TransCold.com
  • Hotline: 1-877-519-0601

Frozen Dessert Supplies

Frozen Dessert Supplies offers a selection of disposable ice cream cups to frozen yogurt, gelato, ice cream, and coffee shops worldwide

Contact information:

  • Website: https://frozendessertsupplies.com/
  • Email: customersolutions@frozendessertsupplies.com
  • Hotline: (480) 428-1998

    Common Sizes of Disposable Ice Cream Cups

    Disposable ice cream cups come in a wide range of sizes, catering to all your frozen treat needs. Here are the common sizes of disposable ice cream cups:

    • Tiny Treats (3-5.5 oz): These miniature cups are ideal for portion control, offering samples of new flavors, or catering to little ones with kiddie-sized scoops. They're also perfect for gelato shops to present small, colorful dollops of their unique flavors.
    • Classic Single Scoop (6-9 oz): This is a versatile size, perfectly suited for single scoops of ice cream, especially when paired with toppings or a drizzle of chocolate sauce. It's also a popular choice for small sundaes where a single scoop is joined by whipped cream, sprinkles, and a cherry on top.
    • Two Scoops Delight (10 oz - 16 oz): This size caters to customers with a bigger appetite. It's ideal for showcasing double-scoop ice cream creations, allowing for flavor combinations and a more generous serving. This size also works well for thick milkshakes or large frozen yogurt parfaits layered with granola and fruit.
    • Jumbo Portions (Up to 32 oz): These are the giants of the ice cream cup world! They're perfect for sharing sundaes with friends and family, creating over-the-top milkshake monstrosities, or offering a "super-size" option for those who crave a truly epic frozen treat experience.

    Minimum Order Quantities on Disposable Paper Ice Cream Cup for Maximum Discount at Kimecopak

    At Kimecopak, businesses can purchase disposable paper ice cream cups at the most competitive prices along with free custom logos when buying in wholesale minimum order quantities. Specifically, the larger the quantity purchased, the greater the price discount. With the minimum order quantities below, businesses will be entitled to free logos, specifically:

    Minimum Order Quantity

    Free Logo


    1 color


    1 color


    2 colors


    In summary, with the ban on single-use plastics, businesses need to choose a reputable supplier of environmentally friendly ice cream cups when buying wholesale ice cream cups in British Columbia. At the same time, businesses should buy in bulk and consider brand programs to take advantage of support policies and the best prices.

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