Chinese Take-Out Box Craft Ideas: 10 Ways to Repurpose

Chinese Take-Out Box Craft Ideas: 10 Ways to Repurpose

We all love the convenience of Chinese take out, but as the other to go box, those familiar boxes often end up gathering dust in the recycling bin. But what if we told you they could be more than just single-use containers? Here at Kimecopak, we're passionate about minimizing waste and maximizing creativity. That's why we're excited to share 10 Chinese take-out box craft ideas, transforming them from everyday containers into something truly special!

Idea #1: Gift Boxes

Ditch the conventional wrapping paper and embrace the charm of upcycling. Transform your takeout box into a unique and thoughtful gift container that reflects your personal touch.

Materials: Takeout box Paint, markers, stamps, or washi tape, ribbon or twine (optional)


  • Clean and dry the takeout box to prepare it for its artistic transformation.
  • Unleash your creativity! Decorate the box with vibrant paint, whimsical markers, playful stamps, or decorative washi tape, crafting a design that speaks to your personal style and the recipient's taste.
  • For an extra touch of elegance, tie a ribbon or twine around the box, adding a finishing flourish that elevates the presentation.

    Idea #2: Party Favors

    Surprise your guests with these adorable party favors crafted from recycled takeout boxes! They are a delightful way to add a touch of whimsy and personalization to any celebration.

    Materials: Takeout box, Small treats, candies, or personalized notes (optional)


    • Fill the takeout box with an assortment of small treats, candies, or even personalized notes expressing your gratitude to your guests.
    • To further enhance the festive spirit, consider decorating the box with colorful markers, ribbons, or cut-out shapes that match your party theme.

    Idea #3: Desk Organizers

    Combat workspace chaos by repurposing your takeout box into a handy desk organizer. Its sturdy structure provides a practical solution for keeping your workspace neat and tidy.

    Materials: Takeout box, scissors (optional)


    • Leave the box as is for a simple organizer, perfect for holding pens, pencils, paperclips, and other small office supplies.
    • For a more customized solution, use scissors to cut the box into sections, creating compartments for different categories of items.
    • If you desire additional storage space, stack multiple boxes vertically to create a tiered organizer that maximizes your desk real estate.

    Idea #4: Seedling Pots

    Give your green thumb a boost by nurturing your seedlings in these eco-friendly containers! Takeout boxes offer the perfect size and structure to provide a nurturing environment for your young plants until they're ready to be transplanted.

    Materials: Takeout box, utility knife, potting mix, seedlings


    • Use a utility knife to poke drainage holes in the bottom of the box, ensuring proper water flow and preventing root rot.
    • Fill the box with a well-draining potting mix suitable for your chosen seedlings.
    • Plant your seedlings and water them regularly, watching them flourish in their cozy cardboard havens.

      Idea #5: Jewelry Boxes

      Transform your takeout box into a beautiful and functional jewelry box. This upcycled container offers a soft and stylish space to keep your precious trinkets organized and safe.

      Materials: Takeout box, fabric or felt, scissors, glue


      • Cut a piece of fabric or felt to fit snugly inside the box, creating a soft lining for your jewelry.
      • Secure the fabric or felt inside the box using glue, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit for your treasures.
      • You now have a personalized jewelry box that not only looks charming but also protects your precious pieces from dust and scratches.

      Idea #6: Phone Stand

      No more struggling to prop up your phone while watching videos or making calls! This simple phone stand is a breeze to make and provides a convenient hands-free solution.

      Materials: Takeout box, utility knife


      • Use a utility knife to cut a slit in the front of the box, large enough to hold your phone upright comfortably.
      • Adjust the angle of the slit for optimal viewing, ensuring your phone rests securely and at the desired viewing angle.

      Idea #7: Notebooks

      Upcycle your takeout box into a one-of-a-kind notebook cover that reflects your unique style. This is a fantastic way to add a personal touch to your everyday journaling or note-taking.

      Materials:  Takeout box, blank paper, stapler or brads


      • Unleash your creativity and decorate the outside of the box with paint, markers, or other embellishments that reflect your personality.
      • Cut blank paper to fit neatly inside the box, creating your notebook pages.
      • Stack the paper and secure it inside the box using a stapler or brads, transforming your takeout container into a charming and personalized notebook.

      Idea #8: Planters

      Add a touch of life and personality to your home decor with these charming planters made from recycled takeout boxes. They offer a unique and eco-friendly way to showcase your favorite succulents or herbs.

      Materials: takeout box, paint, markers, or other embellishments, potting mix, small succulents or herbs


      • Decorate the box with paint, markers, or other embellishments, creating a design that complements your home decor.
      • For added moisture protection, consider lining the bottom of the box with plastic wrap or a waterproof liner before adding the potting mix.
      • Fill the box with a well-draining potting mix suitable for your chosen plants.
      • Plant your succulents or herbs and enjoy the vibrant greenery they bring to your space.

        Idea #9: Gift Card Holders

        Give the gift of choice with a unique presentation! This little folded box is the perfect way to dress up a gift card, adding a touch of personalization that goes beyond the standard envelope.

        Materials: Takeout box, scissors, decorative paper (optional)


        • Fold the takeout box into a smaller size, creating a triangular or square shape that adds a touch of whimsy to the presentation.
        • Decorate the box with paint, markers, or decorative paper (optional) to further enhance its charm.
        • Place the gift card inside the folded box, creating a delightful surprise for the recipient.

        Idea #10: Photo Frames

        Showcase your favorite photos in these eco-friendly frames made from recycled takeout boxes. This is a fantastic way to give a new lease on life to old memories while embracing sustainability.

        Materials: Takeout box, utility knife, ruler, pencil, photo, decorative paper (optional)


        • Use a ruler and pencil to mark a rectangle or square in the center of the box, ensuring it's large enough to accommodate your chosen photo.
        • Carefully cut out the marked area using a utility knife, creating an opening for your photo.
        • Decorate the frame with paint, markers, or decorative paper (optional) to personalize it and match your photo's theme.
        • Secure your photo inside the frame, creating a unique and sustainable way to display your cherished memories.


        In conclusion, the humble takeout box, often relegated to the recycling bin, holds a treasure trove of creative potential. By embracing chinese take-out box craft ideas, we can not only transform these everyday containers into functional and beautiful objects but also contribute to a more sustainable future.

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