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Top 6 Best Resources To Find Logo Ideas & Inspiration

Are you in need of a bit of logo ideas? You have no idea where to start and don't know how to create a logo new, beautiful, and attract your target customers. Let’s dig deep into where to find logo design inspiration for your company through the blog below.

What is a Good Logo Idea?

A good logo idea is one that effectively represents and communicates the essence of a brand or business. Here are some general characteristics of a good logo idea:

  • Be eye-catching
  • Be timeless
  • Be memorable
  • Work well large or small
  • Encompass your brand vibe

What Are The Best Sources Of Logo Ideas?

Understand Your Own Brand Story

First of all, you need to consider that logos should represent your brand, so let’s develop a logo from your brand story. To do that, answer these questions below: 

  • What is your brand's mission, vision, and values? 
  • What is your brand's voice, tone, and style? 
  • What are your brand's goals, target audience, and competitors? 
  • Can you make any visual puns or wordplay with your brand name or slogan?
  • What qualities and characteristics does your brand prioritize most? What icons can represent those traits? 

These questions will help you to define your brand identity and personality, which will guide your logo design choices. 

Famous Brand

Logos of big brands are great sources you can refer to because most big brands hire skilled designers or design agencies. So, you can take a look at famous logos or the logos of the world’s top companies. They can provide inspiration and insights into successful branding strategies. If they are in your industry, you should take notice of any similarities between logos. 


Keep your eye on the competitors to know what to do and what not to do.  In the same industry or same business goals, people will tend to use many of the same elements you should consider.  

For example: In bank logos, they have a tendency to use blue colors to show trust. Because trust is always a top priority for a company asking people to give them their money. 


Learn from competitors

Therefore, you should check out your competitor's logos to see how you can best stand out. However, going in the opposite direction as your competitors sometimes is a great way to steal a customer’s attention.

Social Media

Social media is a great source for you to look for a bunch of ideas on any topic. The best visual platforms for logo inspiration are Instagram and Pinterest, as they allow you to view multiple logo examples simultaneously on your screen. That makes browsing and comparing a lot easier. You can use hashtags or follow specific Pinterest boards to refine your search. 


Social Media - Great Resources

Although social media has a limitless number of designs alone, there are some drawbacks, too. You will probably need to sort through a lot of amateur designs to find the gems. Of course, you can always find logo inspiration from non-professionals, but filtering out the lower-quality designs can be a challenge.

Seek Feedback And Opinions

Sometimes the perfect logo idea comes from your friends, family, co-workers, or customers. 

You can ask them for their honest and constructive opinion on your logo design. 

Or you can use online tools such as Logo Rank to get a score and a report on your logo design based on various criteria, such as uniqueness, legibility, scalability, and color. Feedback and opinions can help you to improve your logo design, to avoid common mistakes, and to ensure that your logo design meets your brand objectives and expectations.


Behance is a platform for artists and designers where they can showcase their portfolios. They will display some of the best logos, posters, branding, and packaging designs on the web. 

Behance allows you to sign up for an account to follow creators, save designs, or appreciate the work with a thumbs up. 

You can also find logo ideas on Dribbble, LogoLounge, Designspiration, Coolors,...These are great resources for all things design-related. 


There are various places where you can find logo ideas. However, you need to consider what is good and what is bad, and from that find the best logo idea for your brand. 

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