Where to Store Placemats

Where to Store Placemats When Not In Use?

Storing placemats properly is crucial to maintain their quality and ensure they are easily accessible. Depending on the material and design of your placemats, you can choose from a variety of storage methods to keep them organized and in good condition. In the blog below, let's dive into where to store placemats and how to keep placemats in place. 

Where to Store Placemats?

Utilize a Drawer or Cabinet

One of the most straightforward ways to store placemats is in a dedicated drawer or cabinet in your dining room or kitchen. This method keeps them out of sight yet easily accessible.

  • Flat Storage: Lay placemats flat to avoid creasing, especially for materials like fabric or vinyl. Make sure the drawer or cabinet is clean and dry to prevent any damage to the placemats.
  • Stacking: Stack placemats of the same size and material together. You can use drawer dividers or small bins to keep different types of placemats organized and separated.
Utilize a Drawer or Cabinet

Use a Storage Basket or Bin

Storage baskets or bins can be a stylish and functional option for storing placemats. They can be placed on a shelf, in a cabinet, or even on the dining table for easy access.

  • Material-Specific Bins: Use separate bins for different types of placemats (e.g., one for fabric, another for vinyl). Label the bins for easy identification.
  • Vertical Storage: If space is limited, consider storing placemats vertically in a bin. This method works well for sturdy materials like plastic or woven placemats.
Use a Storage Basket or Bin

Hanging Storage Solutions

For placemats that can be hung, consider using a hanging storage solution like a pegboard or hooks inside a pantry or closet.

  • Hooks: Install hooks on the inside of a pantry door or a wall in your kitchen. Hang placemats by their corners or use clothespins to attach them to the hooks.
  • Pegboard: A pegboard can be customized with hooks and clips to hold placemats. This method keeps them visible and easy to access.

Storage Rollers or Tubes

For placemats that can be rolled, such as vinyl or plastic placemats, consider using storage rollers or tubes.

  • Rolling: Roll placemats individually and secure them with a rubber band or ribbon. Store the rolled placemats in a tube or a tall basket.
  • Tubes: Use cardboard tubes or specially designed storage tubes to keep rolled placemats organized and prevent them from unrolling.

Placemat Storage Rack

A placemat storage rack can be a convenient option, especially for frequent users. These racks are designed to hold placemats upright, making it easy to browse and select the one you need.

  • Commercial Racks: Purchase a placemat storage rack from a kitchen supply store. These racks often come with slots to hold individual placemats securely.
  • DIY Racks: Create a DIY placemat rack using a dish rack or a file organizer. This method is cost-effective and allows for customization to fit your specific needs.

Seasonal Storage

If you have seasonal placemats, consider storing them separately from your everyday placemats.

  • Labeled Boxes: Use labeled boxes or bins to store seasonal placemats. Keep these boxes in a closet or storage area until needed.
  • Rotation: Rotate your placemats seasonally, keeping only the current season’s placemats in your main storage area. This method helps to keep your storage organized and reduces clutter.

Material-Specific Storage Tips

Where to Store Placemats Made from Fabric?

  • Flat Storage: Lay fabric placemats flat to avoid creasing. Place them in a clean, dry drawer or cabinet. You can use a drawer divider to keep them organized.
  • Stacking: Stack placemats neatly. If you have placemats of different sizes or designs, separate them with tissue paper to prevent color transfer and friction.
  • Hanging: Use padded hangers to hang fabric placemats in a closet. This method prevents creases and keeps them in good condition.
  • Folding: If space is limited, fold fabric placemats carefully. Avoid folding along the same lines repeatedly to prevent permanent creases.
  • Seasonal Storage: Store seasonal placemats in labeled boxes. Keep these boxes in a cool, dry place to prevent moisture damage.
Store Fabric Placemats

Storing Vinyl or Plastic Placemats

  • Flat Storage: Lay vinyl or plastic placemats flat in a drawer or cabinet. Ensure the surface is smooth and clean to prevent scratches.
  • Rolling: Roll placemats loosely and secure them with a soft band or ribbon. Store the rolled placemats in a cardboard tube or tall basket to prevent unrolling.
  • Vertical Storage: Place vinyl or plastic placemats vertically in a storage bin or magazine holder. This method saves space and keeps them flat.
  • Temperature Control: Keep vinyl or plastic placemats away from heat sources to prevent warping. Store them in a cool, dry place.
  • Separate Layers: Place a piece of cloth or tissue paper between each placemat to prevent sticking and scratching.

Storing Woven or Bamboo Placemats

  • Flat Storage: Lay woven or bamboo placemats flat to avoid bending or warping. Store them in a drawer or on a shelf with a smooth surface.
  • Hanging: Use hooks or clips to hang woven or bamboo placemats in a pantry or closet. This method keeps them straight and prevents bending.
  • Avoid Moisture: Store woven and bamboo placemats in a dry environment. Excess moisture can cause mold or mildew and damage the fibers.
  • Protect from Dust: Cover woven or bamboo placemats with a cloth or store them in a lidded container to protect them from dust and dirt.
  • Rotate Use: Regularly rotate the use of woven and bamboo placemats to prevent wear and tear on any one set.


Proper storage of placemats ensures they stay in good condition and are easily accessible for use. Whether you choose a drawer, basket, hanging solution, or storage rack, keeping your placemats organized will enhance your dining experience and prolong their lifespan. Consider the material and usage frequency of your placemats to choose the best storage method for your needs.

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