Beyond the Spoon: Kimecopak's Solution for Prime Marketing's Event Success

Beyond the Spoon: Kimecopak's Solution for Prime Marketing's Event Success

The competitive food and beverage industry demands innovative marketing strategies. Prime Marketing Agency, partnering with sustainable solution provider Kimecopak, achieved remarkable success with Liberté yogurt sampling events. This case study explores the key ingredients that fueled this win-win for Liberté and environmentally conscious consumers, showcasing the power of strategic marketing and sustainability. In today’s article, let’s discover Kimecopak’s solution for Prime Marketing’s event success.

Challenges of Prime Marketing Agency with Custom Packaging for Events

Prime Marketing, a North American leader in experiential marketing for over 20 years, thrives on challenging traditional approaches. Their focus is on crafting impactful campaigns and fostering lasting customer connections for their clients. This blend of creativity and strategic execution drives measurable results for a diverse range of services and clients. Their need for eco-friendly packaging during events led to a successful collaboration with Kimecopak, who provided bamboo wooden spoons for the Liberté yogurt trial event.

Prime Marketing created two eye-catching Liberté sampling trailers that travel across regions, efficiently targeting busy locations to maximize brand impact and budget. Beyond the mobile units, they also executed in-store promotions and contests to generate buzz for Liberté yogurt. This impressive sampling effort involved giving away approximately 2,500 yogurts per event and running around 280 events annually.

While coordinating these large-scale sampling events, Prime Marketing encountered a few key challenges:

  • Tight Deadlines: Client approvals often came with short lead times (2-3 months). This demanded a supplier who could deliver custom logo products within a tight 8-10 week window.
  • Responsive and Collaborative Supplier: Finding a supplier who could respond promptly to quote requests and collaborate seamlessly with the agency was crucial for smooth event execution.
  • Canadian Eco-Friendly Packaging Compliance: Meeting strict Canadian regulations for eco-friendly packaging presented an additional hurdle. The supplier needed to demonstrate their products adhered to these environmental standards.

To address the challenges mentioned above, Prime Marketing spent considerable time searching for and selecting an eco-packaging supplier. Among them, Kimecopak became the chosen partner due to its reputation, suitable products, and support in transportation and distribution. In the next section, let’s analyze in more detail the solution that Kimecopak provided to contribute to the success of the event.

Kimecopak’s Solution for Prime Makerting

Beyond meeting deadlines, Kimecopak's solution offered a unique twist that resonated with both Prime Marketing and Liberté yogurt. Their eco-friendly bamboo spoons not only adhered to Canadian regulations for sustainable packaging, but also doubled as reusable utensils.

  • Expedited Custom Logo Products: Kimecopak offered flexible shipping options to meet Prime Marketing's tight deadlines. This ensured custom logo products arrived on time for each sampling event, even with short lead times.
  • Sustainable Branding with Reusable Spoons: Kimecopak's bamboo spoons provided a unique solution. They were not only eco-friendly, aligning with Canadian regulations, but also reusable, fostering brand loyalty and promoting sustainable practices amongst Liberté consumers.
  • Streamlined Order Management: Kimecopak prioritized efficient order processing. Prompt quote responses kept the project moving forward, while real-time order tracking updates ensured transparency throughout the entire process.

With its innovative solutions, Kimecopak is proud to have played a pivotal role in Prime Marketing's successful event execution for Liberté. In the next section, let's delve into the remarkable achievements that Kimecopak's wooden cutlery and comprehensive solutions have brought about.

bamboo spoon

Event Success

Prime Marketing's innovative approach to Liberté yogurt sampling events yielded remarkable success, evident in the following outcomes:

  • Customer Captivation: The sampling events garnered immense enthusiasm among participants, who were delighted to experience the yogurt firsthand. This positive engagement fostered a strong connection between the brand and its target audience.
  • Enhanced Brand Reputation: The campaign effectively elevated Liberté's brand image. The company's commitment to sustainability, demonstrated through the use of eco-friendly packaging, resonated with environmentally conscious consumers, reinforcing brand credibility and trust.
  • Nurturing Brand Love: The sampling events went beyond mere product promotion; they cultivated genuine brand love among participants. The combination of product sampling, interactive experiences, and eco-conscious initiatives fostered a deep emotional connection between the brand and its consumers.

These outcomes underscore the effectiveness of Prime Marketing's strategy partnering with Kimecopak which seamlessly integrated product promotion, brand messaging, and sustainability initiatives to deliver a captivating and impactful campaign. This winning formula not only generated immediate interest in Liberté yogurt but also laid the foundation for long-term brand loyalty and positive brand perception.

Success Event


Prime Marketing and Kimecopak's collaboration for Liberté yogurt's sampling events stands as a masterclass in strategic execution. Kimecopak's solution for Prime Marketing's engaging approach and sustainability focus, yielded impressive results. The campaign transcended product promotion, fostering brand love and resonating with eco-conscious consumers.


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