How to Clean a Glass Straw? Step by Step Guide for Restaurant

How to Clean a Glass Straw? Step by Step Guide for Restaurant

Wondering about the quickest and most efficient ways to wash your glass straws without compromising their quality or risking breakage? In this comprehensive guide, we'll provide you with the ultimate cleaning techniques for your glass straws, ensuring they remain sparkling clean and ready for your next sip.

What Is the Best Way to Clean Glass Straw?

Glass straws, while a resusable straw and stylish alternative to disposable straws, require more attention during cleaning due to their susceptibility to breakage. For restaurants, the choice of cleaning method doesn't depend on the type of straw holder used. Each cleaning method has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here's a comparison of the two most common methods: dishwasher washing and handwashing.

Dishwasher Washing


  • Faster and more efficient for large quantities of straws.
  • Can be more hygienic with high-heat sanitizing cycles.


  • Requires compatible dishwasher baskets and a high-heat sanitizing cycle.
  • Risk of damage from sharp objects or high water pressure.
  • Not as effective for intricate straws or stubborn stains.



  • More thorough cleaning, especially for intricate straws or those with stubborn stains.
  • No need for specialized dishwasher equipment.
  • Lower risk of damage compared to dishwashers.


  • More labor-intensive than dishwashing.
  • Requires dedicated equipment (separate wash basin, brushes).

Based on the outlined advantages and disadvantages, it's evident that:

  • Handwashing offers superior cleaning and minimizes the risk of breakage.
  • Dishwasher Washing is efficient cleaning of large quantities, saving time and effort for restaurant staff. However, it requires extra caution to prevent glass straw breakage.

Ultimately, the most suitable cleaning method for a restaurant depends on its priorities and specific needs. Regardless of the chosen method, the ultimate goal is to ensure the thorough cleaning of glass straws.

In the next section, we'll delve into a step-by-step guide on how to clean glass straws effectively.

Guide to Clean Glass Straw with Dishwasher

Glass straws, due to their delicate nature and susceptibility to breakage, require special care when being cleaned in a dishwasher. Avoid washing them alongside sharp utensils like knives and forks. Additionally, consult the manufacturer's instructions to ensure they are dishwasher-safe.

  • Here's a step-by-step guide on how to clean glass straws using a dishwasher:
  • Step 1: Place the glass straws in a designated basket or tray for small utensils within the dishwasher.
  • Step 2: Add dishwasher detergent according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Step 3: Select an appropriate wash cycle, preferably one with a "sanitizing" or "deep cleaning" option if available.
  • Step 4: Start the dishwasher and allow it to complete the full cycle.
  • Step 5: Once the cycle is finished, remove the glass straws and allow them to air dry completely before using them.

Additional Tips for Restaurants:

  • High-Heat Sanitizing: Opt for a dishwasher with a high-heat sanitizing cycle to eliminate bacteria.
  • Detergent selection: Use your regular dishwasher detergent following the manufacturer's recommendations.
  • Separate basket or tray: Use a designated basket or tray within the dishwasher to prevent them from getting crushed or blocking water flow.

    Handwashing Glass Straw Guide

    For a thorough and gentle clean on your glass straws, handwashing is a reliable method. Here's what you'll need:

    • Designated wash basin (separate from dishwashing area)
    • Hot water
    • Mild dish soap
    • Straw cleaning brushes (various sizes for different straw diameters and bends)
    • Soft sponge or clean cloth
    • Food-grade sanitizer solution (with dilution instructions)
    • Drying rack

    Now, let's get started with the handwashing process:

    Step 1: Pre-Rinse: After use, quickly rinse each glass straw under hot running water to remove any leftover beverage residue.

    Step 2: Soak and Wash

    • Fill the designated wash basin with hot water.
    • Add a small amount of mild dish soap and create a light lather.
    • Submerge the glass straws in the soapy water solution. (Soaking for a few minutes can help loosen stubborn debris.)

    Step 3: Scrub Thoroughly

    • Use straw cleaning brushes specifically designed for glass straws.
    • Gently scrub the entire inner and outer surface of each straw, paying close attention to bends and wider diameters.
    • If needed, use a soft sponge or clean cloth to reach any areas inaccessible by the brush.

    Step 4: Rinse Clean

    • Transfer the straws to a clean area of the sink.
    • Rinse each straw thoroughly under hot running water to completely remove all soap residue.
    • Consider double rinsing for extra assurance.

    Step 5: Sanitize

    • Prepare a sanitizing solution following the manufacturer's instructions for dilution and soaking time.
    • Submerge the clean glass straws in the sanitizing solution for the recommended duration.

    Step 6: Air-Dry

    • Place the sanitized straws upright on a clean drying rack.
    • Ensure proper spacing to allow for complete air-drying and prevent water pooling.

    Tip: Regularly inspect your straw cleaning brushes for wear and tear. Replace them when the bristles become frayed or worn to maintain optimal cleaning effectiveness. By following these steps, you can ensure your glass straws are sparkling clean and ready for your next refreshing beverage!


    Proper glass straw cleaning is crucial for restaurants, ensuring hygiene, minimizing breakage, and streamlining operations. By following the outlined steps, restaurants can effortlessly maintain their glass straws, promoting sustainability and a positive customer experience.

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