Is the Sugarcane Straw the Best Choice for Sustainable Choice?

Is the Sugarcane Straw the Best Choice for Sustainable Choice?

What if the solution to plastic pollution was a sugarcane field? Sustainable, sturdy, and chic, sugarcane straw invites you to taste the difference, one delicious sip at a time. Let's dive in this material in our today article!

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What Is Sugarcane Straw?

Sugarcane straws are a relatively new but increasingly popular alternative to traditional plastic straws. They're made from the pulp, or bagasse, of sugarcane plants, after the juice has been extracted for sugar production. This eco-friendly material offers a sustainable and disposable option for enjoying your favorite beverages.

What are your Sugarcane Straws made of?

While sugarcane straws are primarily made from 100% plant-based bagasse, some variations exist:

  • Original (V1) Sugarcane Straws: Made with sugarcane fibers (bagasse) and binders. The binders can be polylactic acid (PLA) that is derived from sugarcane and cassava, or other food-grade binders: May be used in smaller quantities depending on the manufacturer.
  • Version 2 (V2) Sugarcane Straws: This version is completely PLA-free. These rely solely on the natural binding properties of the bagasse fibers for increased sustainability.

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Common Types of Sugarcane Straw

From the materials, there are 2 types of sugarcane straw with the standard sizes as below.

2 common types:

  • Regular sugarcane straws:These are the most common type, with a natural light brown color and a slightly sweet scent. They come in various sizes and thicknesses, suitable for everything from hot coffee to thick smoothies
  • Coated sugarcane straws:These straws have a thin layer of biodegradable plant-based coating to improve their water resistance and prevent them from becoming soggy in cold drinks. They're typically white or have a variety of fun colors.

Common size of Sugarcane straw:


  • Standard: 6 inches (15 cm) - ideal for most beverages in standard cups or glasses.
  • Short: 5 inches (12.7 cm) - perfect for smaller cups or smoothies.
  • Long: 7-8 inches (17.8-20.3 cm) - suitable for taller glasses or iced tea.


  • Regular: 6-8 mm - ideal for most beverages and provides a comfortable sipping experience.
  • Wide: 10-12 mm - perfect for thicker drinks like smoothies or milkshakes.
  • Narrow: 4-5 mm - suitable for delicate beverages like juices or cocktails.

    What Are Features of Sugarcane Straw?

    Sugarcane straws boast a multitude of features that make them a fantastic alternative to traditional plastic straws. Here are some key highlights:


    • Biodegradable and compostable: They break down naturally within 60-90 days in a compost pile, leaving no harmful residues. This significantly reduces plastic pollution in landfills and oceans.
    • Sustainable and renewable: Sugarcane is a fast-growing and readily available resource, making it a sustainable choice for straw production.
    • Reduces carbon footprint: Compared to plastic straws, sugarcane straws have a lower carbon footprint due to their plant-based origin and shorter production process.


    • Naturally strong and durable: They can withstand hot and cold beverages without getting soggy or flimsy, maintaining their structural integrity for enjoyable sipping.
    • Neutral taste and odor: Unlike some paper straws, they won't affect the taste or smell of your drinks, preserving the pure flavor of your beverage.
    • Heat resistant: Can handle hot beverages without warping or melting, making them suitable for coffee, tea, and even hot cocktails.
    • Water resistant: Some variations have a biodegradable plant-based coating that improves resistance to water and prevents sogginess in cold drinks.


    • Food-grade and non-toxic: They are free from harmful chemicals and BPA, making them safe for sipping your favorite drinks, especially for children and adults alike.
    • Hygienic: The heat treatment process during production ensures they are free of bacteria and other contaminants.

    Is Sugarcane Straw Is Disposable or Reusable?


    • Sugarcane straws are primarily considered disposable due to their natural material and intended quick biodegradation.
    • Sugarcane straws can technically be washed and reused a few times, their lifespan is limited compared to reusable options like stainless steel or glass straw.

      Versatility of Sugarcane Straws for Beverages and Businesses

      What Type of Drink Suitable with Sugarcane Straw?

        Sugarcane straws are surprisingly versatile and can handle a wide range of drinks, including:

        • Cold Beverages: Sodas, juices, iced tea, smoothies (not overly thick), milkshakes, cocktails, water. These generally don't soften the straw and offer a great sipping experience.
        • Hot Beverages: Coffee, tea, hot chocolate (choose thicker straws for hotter drinks). Be mindful that they might become slightly softer in very hot liquids.

        What Type of Business Can Choose Sugarcane Straws?

        Any business looking for a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws can benefit from sugarcane straws. Here are some examples:

        • Restaurants and cafes: Cater to environmentally conscious customers and showcase your commitment to sustainability.
        • Bars and clubs: Elevate your cocktails and provide a unique sipping experience.
        • Event planners: Use them for weddings, parties, and corporate events to emphasize a responsible approach.
        • Catering services: Impress your clients with sustainable catering practices.
        • Retail stores: Sell them as eco-friendly alternatives to plastic straws for home use.
        • Hotels and resorts: Enhance guest experience with sustainable amenities.
        • Fast food chains: Make a positive impact with a small switch.

        How is Sugarcane Straw Being Better Choice for Business?

        What Are Benefits of Sugarcane Straws to Environment?

        • Biodegradable and compostable: Sugarcane straws break down in 60-90 days within a compost pile, leaving no harmful residues. This significantly reduces plastic pollution in landfills and oceans.
        • Sustainable and renewable: Sugarcane is a fast-growing and readily available resource, requiring less land and water compared to other straw materials.
        • Reduces carbon footprint: Compared to plastic straws, sugarcane straws have a lower carbon footprint due to their plant-based origin and shorter production process.
        • Conserves resources: Replacing plastic straws with sugarcane reduces reliance on finite fossil fuels used for plastic production.
        • Promotes healthy ecosystems: By reducing plastic pollution, sugarcane straws contribute to healthier oceans and marine life.

        Comparing Sugarcane Straw with the others straw (plastic, paper and rice straw)








        Excellent (60-90 days)






        Very poor (centuries)



        Can affect taste



        Good (few weeks)

        Sustainable (if sourced responsibly)

        Moderate (may soften)

        Can affect taste


        Rice Straw

        Good (few months)





        As the table above, sugarcane straws offer a good balance of biodegradability, sustainability, durability, and taste-neutrality, making them a superior choice compared to plastic and a competitive option against paper and rice straws.

        What Are Benefits of Sugarcane Straws to Business?

        Using sugarcane straw is one the practical ways to reduce food plastic packaging for bussiness. Sugarcane straws offers also various benefits to business, including:

        • Demonstrates environmental commitment: Show your customers you care about sustainability and the environment.
        • Appeals to eco-conscious consumers: Attract customers who value responsible choices and sustainable products.
        • Positive brand image: Position your business as environmentally friendly and socially conscious.
        • Potential cost savings: In some cases, sugarcane straws can be cost-competitive with other eco-friendly options.
        • Improves employee morale: Employees appreciate working for a company that values sustainability.
        • Differentiation from competitors: Stand out from businesses still using unsustainable plastic straws.
        • Complies with environmental regulations: Some cities and countries are banning plastic straws, making sugarcane a future-proof choice.

            Reliable Sugarcane Straw Provider in Canada

            If your business is looking for a reputable sugarcane straw supplier in Canada, Kimecopak is one of the top choices. At Kimecopak, we provide wholesale sugarcane straw plastic-free, no coating, available in size 8mm and 12mm. This makes our sugarcane straw suitable for a wide range of drinks including thick drinks, hot drinks,… It’s safe for food contact, no more worry about chemical leaching or BPA.

            Kimeopak provides sugarcane straw at reasonable prices and supports businesses with many different incentives such as: saving 5-7%, fixed price in 6 months, free storage and scheduled shipping for long-term partners.

            In addition, Kimecopak offers bubble tea straws to replace plastic such as. They are made of PLA, bamboo, and paper. For any information related to the product, please contact via email or our Facebook Fanpage.

            Frequent Asked Questions

            Do sugarcane straws get soggy?

            No, sugarcane straws are significantly more resistant to sogginess compared to paper straws. They're made from the fibrous pulp of sugarcane, which is naturally water-resistant and doesn't disintegrate easily like paper. While they will soften slightly over time in liquid, they typically hold their shape for a much longer duration than paper straws, making them a great eco-friendly alternative.

            How long do sugarcane straws last?

            Sugarcane straws can last for a decent amount of time in liquid, depending on the thickness and the beverage itself. Thicker straws and colder drinks tend to last longer, while thinner straws and hot beverages can soften a bit faster. In general, you can expect a sugarcane straw to last for at least 30-60 minutes, and often even longer, before reaching the point of noticeable sogginess.

            How many times can I use your Sugarcane Straws?

            Sugarcane straws are technically single-use, as they're not intended for washing and reusing. However, if you only use them for cold beverages and rinse them well after each use, you might be able to get a couple of uses out of them before they become too soft. It's really up to your preference and hygiene standards.

            Are Sugarcane Straw Edible?

            While sugarcane straws are made from a food byproduct, they are not designed to be edible. They are intended to be a durable, reusable alternative to plastic straws.

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