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What products do eco-friendly stores offer for your food shop?

Along with economic development, the awareness of environmental protection is increasing. From there, eco-friendly stores and eco-friendly brands emerged. In the article further down, you'll learn about eco-friendly stores and what your food business benefits from this action.

What is an eco-friendly store?

A store that offers ecologically friendly products and services is known as an eco-friendly store. The store's operations are designed to promote a green lifestyle, as well as manufacturing and management activities that do not waste resources and do not hurt the environment.

Some examples of common eco-friendly are:
  • Refill shops 
  • Stores that sell local items
  • The shop sells handmade and natural goods.
  • Stores that sell wood items, packaging, food, etc. that use materials from a responsible source, such as FSC-certified wood, etc.
  • Stores offer recycling services to businesses.
As a result, an eco-friendly store is not restricted to a certain sector but rather embraces numerous facets of daily life.

Why should you choose an eco-friendly product?

There are many reasons why a business should use the products and services of eco-friendly stores, which include:

Economic benefits

  • Using locally grown produce not only saves money on shipping but also benefits the local community.
  • Products that are good for the environment, such as bowls and chopsticks, can be reused. Activities that save power, water, and garbage also help firms cut operational costs. 
  • Furthermore, utilizing eco-friendly items helps to improve the company's image, credibility, and customer happiness.

Social values

  • Using environmentally friendly products promotes sustainable growth by reducing resource waste and negative environmental repercussions.
  • Using local products and services helps to grow the economy and the community to connect and develop more.

    What products do eco-friendly stores offer to your food shop?

    Eco-friendly stores can provide your food shop with a variety of products listed below

    Food packaging:

    • Alternatives to single-use plastics: Eco-friendly alternatives to throwaway plastic utensils for take-out food stores or food trucks for outdoor events. Cups, paper food containers/bamboo fiber/sugarcane, straws made of sugarcanes/wood, cutlery made of wood/cutlery, and so on are examples.
    • Reusable objects: dine-in restaurants could try using ceramics, porcelain, cloth bags, reusable bottles, and so on.

    Food Ingredients

    To lessen the restaurant's carbon impact, an eco-friendly store can acquire local ingredients such as veggies, spices, and meat. In reality, using local ingredients in restaurants has been increasingly popular in recent years.

    eco-friendly packaging

    How to recognize an eco-friendly store?

    Here are a few methods to identify an eco-friendly store:
    • Look for official certification/labels on products: You can seek the following popular labels: Energy Star (for energy-efficient items), USDA Organic Seal (for organic products), FSC-certified (for wood products sourced responsibly), and Green Seal (for general) sustainability),..
    • Learn about the store's mission and story: Discover the store's mission and history: Dive deeper into the story and brand to gain a better understanding of the products and services they're trying to offer.
    • Learn about the activities and programs of stores: this will help you decide if their routines and programs are truly environmentally friendly.

    Top eco-friendly stores for your food business in Canada

    There are numerous eco-friendly stores in Canada that offer a wide range of products and services for your food service. The stores listed below are some of the best: 

    The Soap Dispensary and Kitchen Staples 

    The Soap Dispensary and Kitchen Staples, which opened in 2011, focuses on natural soap products, kitchen equipment, and cooking supplies. This is one of Vancouver's top eco-friendly stores.

    Canary Goods

    Canary Goods was formed to encourage the zero-waste movement with a line of eco-friendly products such as shampoo, soap, combs, stainless steel straws, and so on. Furthermore, they have a refill service encouraging customers to bring their own containers. 

    Unboxed Market

    Unboxed Market, founded in Dundas West over 50 years ago, is a location dedicated to local produce. You can purchase everything from spices to ready-to-eat meals here.

    Vrac & Bocaux

    Vrac & Bocaux is a zero-waste store that specializes in bringing healthy, local, and environmentally friendly items to the Montreal area without the use of packaging. They especially urge clients to bring personal containers and charge based on the volume of things purchased.


    KimEcopak was founded to become Canada's leader in food packaging solutions. KimEcopak provides a comprehensive range of high-quality packaging products such as food containers, cutlery, and straws, … Their products are made from ecologically safe materials and have the relevant certifications, such as FSC certification.

    Your Green Kitchen

    Your Green Kitchen, another British Columbia store, has made replacing kitchen plastic bowls simple with a variety of sizes and styles of bowl covers.

    Finally, eco-friendly stores are an inevitable trend, offering a balanced answer for growth in the economy while minimizing environmental impact. Be mindful and smart when choosing and employing eco-friendly products and stores.

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