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KimEcopak offers high-quality adhesive paper tape at wholesale price, you can customize your logo and message on paper tape to boost brand image, give a warning, or for other purposes. Paper tape is a great alternative to plastic tape because it is more eco-friendly and cost-effective.

How Many Types Of Paper Tape?

Masking Tape

Masking tape is a type of paper tape with a pressure-sensitive adhesive, and it's used to mark off areas for painting, decorating, and other similar tasks. It is made to be easily removed without causing any residue or surface damage. Additionally, the tape can be used for labeling and crafting projects.

Kraft Paper Tape

Kraft paper tape is made of kraft paper and pressure-sensitive adhesives, and is eco-friendly and biodegradable, making it a sustainable alternative to other packaging tapes. This tape is strong and durable, commonly used for sealing boxes and packaging. 

Gummed Paper Tape (Water-Activated Tape)

Gummed paper tapes are 100% recyclable, re-pulpable, and therefore eco-friendly. The adhesive coated on the kraft paper tape is starch-based. This type of tape is an economical packaging that will meet the needs of numerous industries and general industrial applications such as food, beverage, medical pharmaceutical, paper, print, electronics, or shipping.

Self-Adhesive Paper Tape vs Gummed Paper Tape

Water-activated Tapes (Gummed Paper Tape)

Self-Adhesive Paper Tapes


Contains starch-based adhesives such as potato starch

Contains polymer-based coating and hot-melt glue adhesive


Need water to activate

Pressure-sensitive activation


It is very strong and offers an unmatched bond

It has a lower peel strength so the bond is not as strong as gummed paper tape


Anti-pilferage, long-lasting, and highly secure

A weaker bond means it can be tampered with and pilfered


Can hold for long durations

Can hold for shorter durations

Temperature Conditions

Resistant to extreme temperatures

Impacted by extreme temperatures and dust


100% biodegradable

The adhesive is not recyclable, but as it's less than 10% of the overall weight of the product, this type of tape is still kerbside recyclable.

Where To Buy Water Activated Packing Tape Wholesale Canada?

KimEcopak is a supplier that offers brown paper tape and custom kraft paper tape at wholesale prices in Canada. In addition, when you order in bulk, you can receive a special price. Let’s refer to the paper tape price at KimEcopak:




Brown Water Activated Kraft Paper Tape

2.75” x 328 FT

72 mm x 114 M

1 PCS   

C$ 79 

5 PCS   

C$ 245 

10 PCS 

C$ 390

20 PCS 

C$ 580 

Custom Printed Kraft Tape

2.75” x 328 FT

72 mm x 114 M

100 PCS

C$ 2600

300 PCS

C$ 5400

500 PCS

C$ 7500

Frequently Asked Question

Is Paper Tape Recyclable?

Paper packing tape can be recycled because it's made from paper. 

How To Apply Water-Activated Paper Tape?

Using a dispenser is the easiest and most efficient way to apply water-activated tape. It is possible to activate the tape manually, but you would need to apply water to the bottom of the tape by using a sponge.

What is Water Activated Tape?

Water-activated tape, also called gummed paper or gummed tape, is a starch-based adhesive. When moistened, the starch-based adhesive becomes sticky. 

Water-activated tape is often used for closing and sealing boxes. Before closing corrugated fiberboard boxes, the tape is moistened with water. 

This type of tape often comes reinforced with extra strong fiberglass yarns that add strength and protection.

What Surfaces Can Paper Tape Be Safely Applied To?

Paper packing tape can be safely applied to various surfaces such as cardboard, paper, plastic, metal, and more. It adheres well without causing damage or leaving residue. 

Is Paper Tape Environmentally Friendly?

Paper tape is made from renewable resources like trees, it can be biodegradable and recyclable. Kraft paper tape can break down naturally and be turned into new products, reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.


Paper tape is an ideal choice for packaging heavy or bulky items. It is eco-friendly because it is made from renewable resources and can be easily recycled. So, instead of using plastic tape, let's use paper tape to contribute to protecting our planet. For more eco-friendly packaging, visit KimEcopak’s Website.