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Type of Pizza Box

Pizza boxes also called pizza packages come in various types such as:

Traditional Cardboard Pizza Box

Traditional Cardboard Pizza Boxes are square or rectangular and form with fold-over flaps that hold the contents in place. Because they are made of durable corrugated cardboard, it has excellent insulation that keeps the pizza hot and prevents sogginess during delivery. 

Stackable Pizza Box

To make stacking them easier during storage and transportation, stackable pizza boxes are shaped slightly differently than standard pizza boxes. This design lessens the possibility of boxes toppling over, which is particularly useful for delivery services and crowded pizzerias trying to maximize space.

Eco-Friendly Pizza Box

An eco-friendly pizza box is made of recyclable and biodegradable materials. These boxes are a popular choice for companies and clients that are concerned about the environment due to their low environmental impact design.

Windowed Pizza Box

A windowed pizza box has aesthetics and functionality with its clear window panel, which offers a tempting glimpse at the pizza inside. Thanks to this design, customers can appreciate their orders and feel even more confident about the quality of the pizza.

Personalized Pizza Box

Personalized pizza boxes allow businesses to imprint their logos, branding elements, and unique designs on the packaging. From that, you can boost your brand identity and leave great memories in customers.

Different Sizes Of Pizza Box Packaging

There are many pizza box sizes such as 10 Inch Pizza Boxes, 12 Inch Pizza Boxes, 14 Inch Pizza Boxes, 18 Inch Pizza Boxes, or even custom pizza boxes. 

Pizza Container Size


10-inch box

accommodates a 10-inch pizza

12-inch box

perfect for medium-sized pizzas

14-inch box

ideal for bigger gatherings or parties since they easily fit 14-inch pizzas

18-inch box

suitable for gatherings and celebrations

Pizza Box Dimensions

Choosing the right size pizza box can be challenging, especially with the variety of options available. With so many various pizza box sizes to choose from, it might be challenging to find the perfect fit for your delectable pizza. So, let me show you the size table: 

Size of pizza 

Ideal Box Size 

8 inch (Small pizza)

8.5 – 9 inch

12 inch (Medium pizza)

12.5 – 13 inch

16 inch (Large and extra-large pizzas)

16.5 – 17 inch 

Where Can I Buy Pizza Boxes?

Are looking for a place to purchase pizza boxes in bulk at a cheap price? Look no further than KimEcopak. In addition, we also offer food packaging logo service to help your brand set apart from other competitors. 

KimEcopak’s Pizza Boxes

KimEcopak’s 12-inch pizza packaging boxes are perfect for medium-sized pizzas because they provide enough room while still being a manageable size for simple handling and transportation. 

Custom Printed Pizza Box Service & Price 


Wholesale Price

No Logo

5,000 pcs 


Custom Logo

10,000 pcs


30,000 pcs 


50,000 pcs


100,000 pcs



  • Free logo printing for all orders > 30,000 pcs
  • Custom size available at 30.000 pcs


Are Pizza Boxes Recyclable?

Most pizza boxes are recyclable, provided they are free of food residue or grease stains. Recycling pizza boxes helps reduce waste and supports sustainable practices in the food packaging industry.

Can You Put A Pizza Box In The Oven?

Pizza boxes are not meant to be placed in the oven as they are designed for one-time use for packaging and delivery.


In conclusion, pizza boxes play a vital role in the food delivery industry, ensuring that pizzas are delivered hot and fresh to customers' doorsteps. When choosing pizza boxes for your business, consider the type, size, and recyclability to make an informed decision that aligns with your brand values.