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Are you overwhelmed by the multitude of wooden spoons with different price points available on the market? Let Kimecopak help you solve this problem with specific information about the functions, suitable spoon types, and the most reasonable prices for your business in the following article

Types and Functions of Common Wooden Spoons

There are many different types of spoons on the market. If you are in the food service business, here are the types of wooden spoons you need to know about:

Buffet wooden spoon:

  • Design: Buffet spoons are typically larger than other types of wooden spoons, with a long handle and a wide, deep spoon.
  • Function: Used to serve food at buffet meals, making it easy for guests to get food.
  • Examples: Large wooden spoon for serving salad, wooden spoon for serving soup, wooden spoon for serving rice, etc.

Tasting wooden spoon:

  • Design: Wooden spoons are typically small, with a short handle and a shallow spoon.
  • Function: Used to taste food during cooking, helping chefs adjust the seasoning accordingly.
  • Examples: Small wooden spoon for tasting soup, small wooden spoon for tasting sauce, etc.

Sampling wooden spoon:

  • Design: Sampling wooden spoons are typically small, with a long handle and a narrow spoon.
  • Function: Used to take food samples and ingredients in food factories and businesses.
  • Examples: Wooden spoon for sampling milk, wooden spoon for sampling flour, etc.

Thus, in the food service industry, wooden spoons are designed in various ways to meet the needs of the business. In addition to the variety of designs, there are also options for reusable or disposable for businesses. Disposable wooden spoons are the most popular choice due to their convenience.

Which Food Are Disposable Wooden Spoons Suitable with?

In general, wooden spoons can be used with a variety of foods, including hot, cold, wet, or dry foods, without worrying about health problems or cracking.

Here are some specific examples:

  • Buffet: Cold dishes: salad, fruit, bread, cheese, or hot dishes: soup, noodles, rice, meat, fish, vegetables, etc.
  • Bread: Sandwiches, burgers, toast, cakes, tarts, mousse cakes, etc.
  • Ice cream, ice cream cones,
  • Yogurt, cereal
  • Sauces, dips
  • Tea, coffee

Wooden Spoon Materials

Wooden spoons can be made from different types of wood, such as birchwood, maple, oak, bamboo, etc. Each type of wood has different uses, advantages, and disadvantages. At Kimecopak, we offer two types of wooden spoons made from birchwood and bamboo.

  • Birchwood: This is a popular type of wood that is lightweight, strong, safe for contact with food, has a beautiful color, a relatively uniform wood surface, and high aesthetic value. Disposable wooden spoons also have a relatively low price, suitable for businesses with low budgets, events such as trade fairs, food trucks, etc.
  • Bamboo: Wooden spoons are a popular choice, with a reasonable price, natural antibacterial properties, high aesthetics, luxury, and more durable than birchwood. Disposable wooden spoons made from bamboo are suitable for even large events, easily customized, and suitable for many business goals such as branding or as gifts.

Both of the above material options are environmentally friendly and home compostable. With reasonable prices, these are two options that help businesses ensure sustainability and operating costs.

Does Wooden Spoon Have Coating?

Wooden spoons are available with both coated and uncoated options. Here is a specific explanation of each type:

Wooden Spoon with Coating

Wooden spoons that may have a coating, it can be made from vegetable oil, beeswax, or varnish. This coating is usually applied to reusable wooden spoons to help increase the lifespan of the wooden spoon. However, coating can also affect the taste and price of the spoon. Specifically:

  • The coating can affect the taste:
  • A coating that is not completely dry or has worn off can create a strange taste in food.
  • Some types of coatings, such as paint or varnish, may have an unpleasant odor or taste.
  • The coating increases the price of the wooden spoon:
  • The cost of materials and labor to apply the coating is higher than that of a raw wooden spoon.
  • High-quality coatings such as lacquer or varnish are more expensive than vegetable oil or beeswax.

Wooden Spoon No Coating

Uncoated wooden spoons use natural woods, suitable for disposable wooden spoons. No coating makes wooden spoons safer for food contact, as well as easier to decompose and more environmentally friendly.

That is why at Kimecopak, we offer uncoated disposable wooden spoons. These are suitable for many types of food, are odorless, safe to use and completely home compostable, providing a better experience for customers.

Wooden Spoon Wholesale Prices and  Incentives Policy at Kimecopak

As a reputable eco-friendly packaging supplier for the North American market, Kimecopak offers businesses a variety of disposable wooden spoons made from birchwood and bamboo in a variety of types and sizes to suit each business's needs. For example, mini spoons for ice cream, bamboo spoons for soup, wooden spoons for takeout, etc.

Kimecopak supplies all of these products in bulk at attractive wholesale prices:

Type of wooden spoon


Ice cream wooden spoon 3.75 inch

$69 CAD/case of 1000

Bamboo Soup Spoon

$89 CAD/case of 1000

Individually Wrapped Wooden Spoon 6.3 inch

$129 CAD/case of 1000

Wooden Spoon 6.3inch

$69 CAD/case of 1000

In addition, Kimecopak supports businesses with many services such as custom logos and attractive business support policies for long-term partners such as fixed-price in 6 months, saving 5-7%, scheduled delivery, and free storage.


Wooden spoons are a versatile product that is essential for restaurants and the foodservice industry. With reasonable wholesale prices and attractive business support services, Kimecopak is a worthy supplier of disposable wooden spoons that businesses can trust and choose!