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Looking for the best wholesale pricing on Cake Boxes in Canada? Look no further! KimEcopak's cake boxes are not only affordable but also of the highest quality. We offer various sizes of boxes that meet all your needs. Let’s learn more below! What Material Is Used To Make Cake Boxes? Here are some popular eco-friendly …

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Looking for the best wholesale pricing on Cake Boxes in Canada? Look no further! KimEcopak's cake boxes are not only affordable but also of the highest quality. We offer various sizes of boxes that meet all your needs. Let’s learn more below!

What Material Is Used To Make Cake Boxes?

Here are some popular eco-friendly materials used to manufacture bakery boxes:

Virgin Paper Board

Virgin Paper Board is one of the most common materials used to create cake boxes since it is food-safe and has high paper strength.

Duplex Paper Board

The duplex paper board is a form of paperboard or cardboard and is made up of two layers, or plies. This material is strong enough to support the weight of a large cake, and it's also easy to print on.

Corrugated Cardboard 

Corrugated cardboard consists of three layers, two liner boards, and an inner fluted layer. This construction provides improved strength, cushioning, and protection for larger and heavier cakes.

Recycled Paper 

Recycled paper is also used to produce cake boxes. This type of paper is very common in the retail market as they are the cheapest food packaging boxes.

4 Major Types Of Cake Boxes 

Conventional Plain Cake Box

A traditional plain cake box is a common, simple type of cake packaging. These paper boxes come in recycled paper board, virgin ITC paper board, and duplex paper board, with or without lamination.

Cake Box With A Window

The cake box with a window is designed so customers can take a sneak peek at the tasty cakes and pastries that are kept inside the box without opening the box.

Corrugated Cake Box

For cakes that are two or three tiers, corrugated cake boxes are a suitable choice. Corrugated cardboard is thicker and offers superior strength. It's ideal for larger cakes or when extra protection is needed during transportation.

Cake Box With A Handle

A cake box with a handle is designed with a convenient handle for easy carrying and transportation. This type of box offers added convenience and portability, making it suitable for customers who need to transport cakes to parties, events, or other locations.

Cupcake Box Types Comparison 

Plain Paper Box

Cake Box With Handle

Cake Box With Window

Corrugated Box


Plain, minimal embellishments

Plain, minimal embellishments with added handle

A transparent window allows for cake visibility and showcasing design

Plain, minimal embellishments






Easy To Use





Easy To Make





Easy To Store







$ $ $

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$ $ $

Where To Buy Cake Boxes In Bulk In Canada? 

Are you looking for Bakery Boxes Wholesaler to order bakery packaging boxes in large quantities at affordable prices? Look no further, Kim Ecopak is the supplier that you are seeking.

KimEcopak’s Pastry Boxes Size

KimEcopak offers various options such as:

  • Kraft Cake Paper Box 2 with Insert
  • Kraft Cake Paper Box 4 with Insert
  • Kraft Cake Paper Box 6 with Insert
  • Brown Single Cupcake Boxes with Handle & Insert
  • Single Kraft Cake Box 2 with Handle & Insert
  • Single Kraft Cake Box 4 with Handle & Insert
  • Kraft Bakery Cookie Box with Window

KimEcopak’s bakery boxes can meet all your needs. Let’s find out each product by clicking on each name of the product above.

Cake Box List



Special Offer

Kraft Cake Paper Box 2 with Insert

3.7 x 6.1 x 3’’

$ CAD 89.00/ pcs

$ CAD 84,55

Kraft Cake Paper Box 4 with Insert

6.3 x 6.3 x 3’’

$ CAD 139.00/ pcs

$ CAD 132,05

Kraft Cake Paper Box 6 with Insert

6.3 x 9.5 x 3’’

$ CAD 169.00/ pcs

$ CAD 160,55

Brown Single Cupcake Boxes with Handle & Insert

3.7 x 3.7 x 4.3’’

$ CAD 95.00/ pcs

$ CAD 90,25 

Single Kraft Cake Box 2 with Handle & Insert

3.7 x 6.1 x 4.3’’

$ CAD 125.00/ pcs

$ CAD 118,75 

Single Kraft Cake Box 4 with Handle & Insert

6.1 x 6.1 x 4.3’’

$ CAD 145.00/ pcs

$ CAD 137,75

Kraft Bakery Cookie Box with Window (Custom Logo)

Custom Size available

$ CAD 0.09 / pcs

Features Of Kimecopak’s Cookie Boxes

  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Our pastry boxes are made of kraft paper, which is naturally biodegradable, these cookie boxes can easily break down and decompose in the environment over time, reducing the environmental impact.
  • VISUALLY APPEALING: Clear windows are not just there for aesthetics; the window provides customers with an opportunity to make an easier decision when they go to pick the cake they want. They can see the vibrant colors and beautiful decorations of the cakes without even opening the box.
  • HOLDER INSERTS: We provide inserts in our cake boxes to safely hold cupcakes and pastries, shielding them from smearing or breaking.
  • HYGIENE AND FOOD SAFETY: Kraft Paper Cake Box helps maintain hygiene and ensure food safety. It protects the cake from external contaminants and prevents cross-contamination.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY AND STORAGE: It does not require any tools, glue, or expert knowledge to assemble this box. Plus, you can easily store cake boxes because they come on a flat sheet.
  • VERSATILITY: KimEcopak offers a wide range of available sizes, such as 3.7 x 6.1 x 3 inches, 6.3 x 6.3 x 3 inches, and 6.3 x 9.5 x 3 inches. Whether you're baking a petite cupcake or bigger cakes, there's a Kraft paper cake box that's just the right fit for your creation.

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Delivery Timeline

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  • Other provinces: 2-5 business days.
  • USA: 5-7 business days.

Custom logo

  • A standard lead time for these products is 6-8 weeks from the final design approval.
  • Express air shipping is about between 3-4 weeks from the final design approval.

Choosing the Right Cake Box Tips

Here are some tips for choosing the right size box for your cake:

  • First and foremost, you need to measure the dimensions of your cake (height, width, and length) to determine the size of the box you need.
  • Choose a box sized to the baseboard of your cake so the board fits perfectly in the box and prevents slipping and sliding while transporting.
  • You should measure the widest section of the cake board if your cake has a different shape, for example, heart-shaped.
  • You should leave an extra inch from the top of your cake to the box to avoid any potential squashing when you touch the top of the box.

Frequently Asked Question

Can Cake Boxes Be Recycled?

Cake boxes can be recycled or not depending on the specific materials used in their production. Cardboard/Paper Cake Boxes are generally recyclable in recycling bins or taken to recycling facilities that accept paper and cardboard products. 

Do Cake Boxes Keep Cakes Fresh?

Packaging plays a significant role in protecting the cake. Cakes are placed in airtight boxes to protect them from air exposure and moisture, preserving their moisture and texture. Cakes with perishable fillings or frostings, need to be refrigerated to keep them fresh.

Should A Cake Box Be Bigger Than A Cake?

You should choose a cake box that is the same size as the cake board, with a diameter that is at least two inches larger than your cake.

Should I Choose A Square Kraft Paper Cake Box Or A Round One?

Customers currently favor square paper boxes over round ones. The reason is that a square box will make it easier to transport the cake, they look more sturdy than a round box. In addition, customers will take the cake out more conveniently. 

How To Assemble Lock Corner Bakery Boxes?

Take the step-by-step below to assemble lock corner bakery boxes

Step #1: Fold the edges inward, and then fold the centers. 

Step #2: Lift the back, and insert the tabs, locking them in place. 

Step #3: Lock the front tabs and insert the pie, muffins, or other treats into the box. 

Step #4: Choose one of two methods to close the box including: 

  • Option one entails locking the top tab and taping the sides closed. 
  • Option two requires just the sides to be folded in for secure closure. 

To Sum It Up

In conclusion, choosing the best Cake Boxes for your bakery is a crucial step that directly impacts your brand's image and customer satisfaction. Understanding your bakery's needs, KimEcopak brings boxes that ensure quality and durability and are environment-friendly with wholesale pricing. Let's shop now!