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Optimize your food service operations with Kimecopak’s Disposable Trays, the ideal alternative for catering, school canteens, and busy kitchens! Find the right disposable trays that meet your needs without hurting your budget in the article below!

What Are Disposable Trays?

Trays are shallow containers that can be formed of a variety of materials. This kind of food packaging is meant to hold and move things, usually in order to serve food and beverages.

Disposable trays are intended to be used only once and then discarded. It's common to use disposable trays for gatherings, events, and other occasions.

Types of Disposable Trays for Food

Categorized by Materials

Plastic Trays

This type of tray is composed of a variety of polymer compounds, including PET, HDPE, and PP. The material made the trays strong and leak-proof. 

Paper Trays

Usually used for serving food, they are made from cardboard or recycled paper. This type of tray usually has a lining inside to prevent the leakage of food.  

Foam Trays

These trays, which are made of expanded polystyrene foam, are frequently used to package meals for takeout.

Aluminum Trays

These trays are used in cooking and baking. They can be used on the barbecue or in the oven because they are heat-resistant.

Biodegradable Trays

This is an alternative to foam trays or plastic trays. Biodegradable trays are mostly made of plant fiber materials such as sugarcane, bamboo, and cornstarch. This implies that can eventually break down organically without harming to environment.

Categorized by Purposes

Disposable Serving Trays

These trays are used for serving food at events such as food trucks, parties, and get-togethers. The primary materials used to make serving trays are plastic, paper, foam, or plant fibers. These trays are resistant to both transportation and the rigors of professional kitchens.

Disposable Catering Trays

Disposable Catering Trays, which are made especially for caterers and other food service professionals, can be used for a variety of occasions, such as picnics, parties, get-togethers, and more.

Takeout Trays

Takeout trays are used to package food from restaurants. For takeout or delivery, they typically have lids that are separated so the food doesn't get ruined. By keeping food at the right temperature and stopping leaks, these trays ensure a pleasant dining experience.

Meal prep trays

This type of tray is used to prepare and store food in advance. Typically, they include sections that make portion management and organized storage easier.

Categorized by Shapes

Trays come in a variety of shapes; the following are some that are frequently used:

  • Rectangular trays are the most common and flexible shape. This form works well for serving a variety of foods, including main meals, desserts, and appetizers.
  • Square Trays: This form, which resembles rectangular trays, is widely used in the food and beverage sector. This form, on the other hand, provides a more compact and visually pleasing presentation and is frequently used for individual servings or tiny platters.
  • Round Trays: This shape is ideal for presenting pizzas, cakes, pies, and other delicacies.
  • Compartmented trays: These trays are used for separating food products. It is a concept for presenting meals that include a variety of ingredients, like salads, side dishes, and main courses.
  • Dipping trays: Featuring sections for dipping sauces, these trays are ideal for serving finger foods, appetizers, and snacks that need to be dipped.

Common Sizes of Disposable Trays

Disposable trays are available in a variety of sizes to meet different serving requirements and food amounts. The sizes and uses of common disposable food trays are listed in the table below:

Tray Size

Typical Use


5-7 inches

Individual appetizers, desserts, or small snacks


7-9 inches

Larger appetizers, salads, side dishes, or individual main courses


9-11 inches

Main courses, platters of mixed foods, or large portions of food


11-13 inches

Catering purposes, accommodating large quantities of food for parties, events, or large gatherings

Deep Trays

2-3 inches deep

Soups, stews, casseroles, or dishes with sauces or liquids

What Are Disposable Trays Used For?

Disposable Trays have multi-uses, here are some common uses:

  • Serving Food: Disposable Trays can be used to serve a variety of foods, including hot, cold, wet, and dry foods. Whether it's fruits, noodles, or baked goods, disposable trays can be used to serve without fear of spilling or splattering food.
  • Transporting Food: Because of the design, the user may easily carry the food while walking or conversing with people at the event.
  • Food Storage: Because of their shallow form and compartments, disposable trays can be an excellent tool for portioning, organizing, and storing food in the refrigerator.
  • Product Packaging: Disposable trays work well for delivery or takeout, and they can be used with lids.

Advantages of Kimecopak’s Disposable Trays

There are several advantages to using disposable food trays for both customers and businesses.

Convenience and ease of use

  • The trays are made to be easily carried and used to transport food. This makes serving customers easier for restaurants and improves customer experience.
  • Disposable trays reduce the need to wash and dry dishes because they are meant to be used just once. Particularly for big events, outdoor gatherings like weddings, food truck events, or picnics, this can save time and effort.

Hygiene and safety

Because disposable trays are meant to be used only once, users don't have to be concerned about cleanliness or contamination.

Portability and storage

  • Typically, disposable trays are not very heavy. Because of this, storing and transporting it is simple.
  • This is especially helpful for eateries, event planners getting ready for outdoor events, weddings,

Versatile and variety

  • Disposable trays are made of many materials, sizes, and shapes. It's ideal for serving a variety of foods and serving methods.
  • Disposable trays may hold a variety of foods, including hot, cold, wet, and dry foods.


Disposable trays are less expensive as compared to reusable dishes or trays. Furthermore, it is lightweight. Restaurants and event planners can now lower their shipping costs thanks to this.

What You Need to Know Before Purchasing Trays Wholesale in Canada?

There are several benefits to using disposable trays, but before you buy one, keep the following things in mind:

  • Choosing a trustworthy supplier: Trays are available from a variety of sources. Find a reliable supplier who can ensure a steady supply for your business.
  • Buy in bulk: This can help businesses save money in the long run.
  • Cost and storage considerations: While buying in bulk can cut costs, there may be logistics and storage problems. To make sure that buying trays won't have an impact on operating expenses, businesses should thoroughly study the pricing policy and delivery charges before making a purchase.
  • Compliance with rules: Single-use plastic rules are currently being put into practice. More than ever, the switch to eco-packaging is required. In order to select appropriate material, businesses should take legal considerations into account.
  • Custom service: To help firms easily meet their marketing and sales objectives, think about selecting a provider who can create customized trays.

At Kimecopak, we provide eco-packaging solutions that help businesses resolve issues related to cost, storage, and personalized service. Kimecopak, in particular, provides long-term partner discounts ranging from 5-7%, fixed pricing in 6 months, scheduled shipping, and free storage.

Custom Logo Disposable Trays from Kimecopak

Custom logos are a wonderful method for businesses to differentiate themselves and stand out from the crowd. Choosing Custom disposable trays with your logo from us can:

  • Promote your business's image
  • Convey messages to clients.
  • Create a permanent brand identity for the business
  • Reducing expenses by making larger purchases


There are many different materials, sizes, and shapes available in the category of disposable trays. Your food service can lessen its environmental effect while also reaping commercial benefits by switching to eco-friendly disposable trays.