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Top 7 Logo Trends You Should Watch Out For

If you're searching for a logo that can shepherd your business through a changing world, let's take inspiration from the strong, striking, and expressive logo trends of 2024 through the blog below with KimEcopak. 

Logo Trend: Bold Color-Blocking 

Thesedays, gen Z often enjoy anything bold, fearless and individual. Designers and brands have tendency to create logos that are unapologetically and applying high-contrast color-blocking, strong lines and 3D imagery. 

Color-blocking or pairing large blocks of contrasting colors against one another can help logos stand out in a crowded market. 

For example, soft drink, travel or snack brands use bold color-blocking to bring young customers along with them.  

Referring to PepsiCo, this company rebranded  7Up to up the ante on the soft drink's bubbly. PepsiCo used brighter, neon, shades of green and red, as well as a chunky 3D effect, that made the logo look more good and appeal to customers. 


Incorporating eco-friendly elements into logo designs is a growing trend among sustainability-focused brands. Logos featuring organic shapes, green hues, and nature-inspired motifs are becoming increasingly popular. Companies are using these elements to communicate their commitment to environmental responsibility. 

Eco-modern logo trends was borne from a desire to reconnect with nature and a little bit of skepticism about the promise of an AL revolution. 

The logos of eco-trend feature prominent nature motifs, like leaves, flowers, or animals. They’re elegant but still modern, eco-modern logo designs can also be bold, minimalist, and contemporary. 

Patagonia's logo, which features a mountain range, reflects the brand's dedication to protecting the planet.

Eco-Modern Trend

Less Is (Still) More

A minimalist logo features clean lines, uncomplicated shapes, and a focus on essential elements. A simple logo can be bold and understated as needed allowing your brand to cater to different audience preferences. By cutting excess complexity, you can achieve a remarkable clarity that communicates your brand's identity and purpose. 

Simplified logo trends can bring some benefits such as:

  • First of all, they are incredibly versatile, look sharp, and are easy to recognize on a variety of platforms. 
  • Secondly,  their simplicity makes them memorable and easy to recall.
  • Lastly, these logos often convey a sense of sophistication and timelessness, perfect for brands aiming to communicate reliability and authenticity. 

Lowercase Logo Trend

Whatever the future of logo design trends has in store, typographic logos will always be in vogue. 

From elegant high-contrast serif typefaces to simple techno fonts, they often appear in all-lowercase logos. The font you use in your logo should help tell your brand story, therefore, you must choose one that both represents your brand and can also grow with it.

There are a lot of ways to convey a brand’s personality, from font choice to color combinations, but lowercase wordmark logos can instantly communicate an approachable brand.

Lowercase Logo Trend

Monogram Mania

One of the logo trends popping up is refined and playful monograms.  Monogram logos combine one to three letters to create a logo symbol.

In recent years, logo designers have upped the ante by creating unique monograms that capture attention upfront.

Monograms do well as interactive logos as well as offer versatility when they are used in profile images on social media platforms.

Artistic Typography

The artistic typography logo trend gets hotter by the year. Exaggerated strokes, whispy tails, and elongated stems can create visually striking wordmark logos.

This logo trend is also about blending unexpected fonts, and aims to create logos with personality by breaking uniformity.

3D Logos

3D logos, especially ones involving mascots, can boost brand recognition and allow for more creative expression. In a globalized digital economy, brand mascots and animals can communicate a brand personality beyond the words in a logo.

Mascot Logos


As the world of logo design continues to evolve, these seven trends are shaping the visual landscape of branding. Whether it's through bold color choices, nostalgic inspirations, or eco-friendly elements, logos are becoming more than just symbols—they are stories waiting to be told. By staying attuned to these emerging trends, brands can create logos that not only resonate with their audience but also stand the test of time. Embrace the trends, experiment with creativity, and watch your logo come to life in ways you never imagined.

Remember, a logo is more than just a design—it's a statement, a representation of your brand's identity. So, embrace these trends, experiment with creativity, and watch your logo come to life in ways you never imagined.

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