Discover the warmth and reliability of KimEcopak's Winter Best Sellers. From sipping on hot coffee to indulging in a comforting bowl of soup, we've curated the essentials for your winter experience.

What's inside?

Soup Containers for Every Craving

  • For heartwarming soups and stews
  • Embrace the winter chill with our diverse range of paper soup containers. Whether you're serving a classic chicken noodle or a hearty vegetable stew, find the perfect size to keep your customers cozy.
  • Available with all size 8/12/16/24/32 Oz

Coffee Cups: Single & Double, Warm Hands & Hearts

  • Elevate your coffee experience
  • Sip, savor, and stay warm with our single-wall and double-wall coffee cups. Perfect for hot brews that invigorate during chilly mornings or a comforting evening coffee to unwind.
  • Single wall Coffee Cup Available with all size 8/10/12/16 Oz
  • Double wall Coffee Cup Available with all size 8/12/16 Oz

Kraft Bowls for Noodles 

  • Delightful packaging for delightful bites
  • Warm up with our eco-friendly kraft bowls, ideal for steaming noodle soups. Elevate your sushi presentation with our kraft boxes, adding a touch of sustainability to your culinary creations.

Kraft Bakery Boxes with Windows: Bake, Share, and Shine

  • Elevate your bakery's presentation with our Kraft Bakery Boxes featuring a charming window.
  • Designed to showcase your delectable treats, this collection adds a touch of warmth and sophistication to your sweet creations.


As winter unfolds, make every moment memorable with KimEcopak's Winter Best Sellers. Crafted with care, these items ensure your customers feel the warmth and joy in every bite and sip. Explore the collection and embrace the season with eco-friendly solutions.